A DivineCaroline Dude Speaks: Love Letter To The Woman I Love

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You know I love you. But I want you to know why.

I love…

…how you have touched my life so profoundly

…how I feel inside when I look at you

…how safe I feel with you

…how you see things in me no one ever has

…our effortless conversations

…that when we talk we actually listen to each other

…that the reality of time spent with you is better than anything I could have dreamed

…your amazing gymnast, figure skater body and how you move through space and time

with grace, confidence, fluidity and joy

…your sparkling intelligence and unending curiosity about the world and the universe

…that you are patient and kind and understanding

…how you make me feel like a real man

…how you make me believe in myself

…that when I am with you the only place I want to be is closer

…the beauty and magic of your amazing eyes

…that I can be out somewhere alone and just sit and stare at a wall and be the happiest

guy in the place

…your sense of humor, the sound of your laugh and the laughter we have always


…how you have always laughed with me and never at me

…how I can just be myself and let go with you

…that you have never tried to change me

…that you accept me as I am and never judge

…how I can be clumsy and awkward and you just think it’s cute

…your amazing smile that always melts my heart

…how you will sometimes smile and look down, embarrassed

…the butterflies I always get when I know I'm going to see you

…how complete and whole I feel when I am with you

…everything you have taught me about life

…that you taught me that it's ok to receive pleasure

…all the beautiful memories you've given me

…that you unlocked parts of my heart I never knew I had

…how even when I'm working I still day-dream about you

…how I start to miss you even before we part

…your name, "J———-"

…knowing I would do anything in the world for you

…how the inside of your hug feels like home

…that the best times of my life have been with you

…everything you've ever worn because you always look amazing

…how on days when you think you aren't beautiful that is when you are the most


…how the love and warmth of your touch frees my soul

…how I sometimes wish time would stop

…how you honor the light in everyone and ignore the dark

…that I consider you my best friend

…that you understand me, because no one else ever has

…how you make me feel special, because no one else ever has

…just thinking about you when I feel alone

…the sound of your voice

…your spontaneity

…your amazing sensuality

…your beautiful, soft hair

…telling you things I wouldn't tell another soul

…thanking the universe for creating you

…how my heart skips a beat whenever I see a picture of you

…the way you inspire me, fire my creativity and imagination

…that I met my Twin Flame

…the way you share and give endlessly

…how I know in my heart that I will love you forever

I love you, exactly the way you are


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