Do You Ever Stop Being a Single Mom?

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You might have heard the recent news about this one single mom we greatly admire: Kristin, the single mom blogger at Work It Mom who also has a huge following at her own blog, Better Now. 

Well, Kristin has just announced that she stepping down from her columnist position. Why? Because she’s hinted that she’s moving in with her super helpful boyfriend: “ … our living arrangements are going to be shifting. And no, I don’t think it’s too soon. When you know, you know. It’s ridiculous and clichéd and totally true.” 

And, as she adds: “It’s hard to write a column about single parenting when you’re not single.” 

So, we’d love to know: Does your “single mom” identity change after you’re in committed relationship? 

When Rachel posted about the number of single parent bloggers who have fallen in love, your responses about this topic fascinated us. 

Alicia nailed it: “Singlemommyhood is not a permanent identity marker. It is a fluid state, as we, as people, move in and out of relationships and seek our true selves. We’re all social creatures, just doing what we do … No one can deny the power of love.” 

Still, what if you’re a single mom who moves in with your boyfriend? Or, you start splitting finances? Does this change your identity at all? 

Or, maybe it’s not appropriate to call yourself a “single mom” after you get married? 

Another single mom, Martini Mom, tells us about her boyfriend moving in recently. 

“So I’m clearly no longer a single person,” she says. “But single mom? That’s trickier … True, I’m no longer doing it all by myself. There is someone to help with the dishes while I’m getting the kid to bed, for example. BUT a large part of the single parent thing (at least in my situation) is the challenge of co-parenting with an ex. That doesn’t go away just because I’m no longer single.” 

So, what’s true for you? 

Will a part of your identity forever remain “single mom” no matter where love may lead you? 

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