Do You Want to Be Married?

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I recently got this in an email: “Does my inner being know what I want?”

I love this question. I would ask this back: “Do YOU know what you want?”

Look at some of the answers I get to this simple question …

“Do you want to be married?”

  • “I’m really not sure.”
  • “Well, not right away, but if something ended up there, I would be OK with it.”
  • “I kind of want to, but if I met a nice man who didn’t want to, that would be okay with me.”
  • “It’s not that important to me.”
  • “I never really thought about it.”

Your mindset is keeping you from making a clear decision on exactly what you want. That is the best way to sabotage your way to love, friendship, and romance. If you are not sure about what you want, you will get back a constant thread of hesitation and never truly relax. A deep fear of being disappointed may be keeping you from making any clear decision.

How did I get so smart? I lived for years compromising everything trying to protect myself from being disappointed. Nothing worked. When my first marriage ended, I made a decision. I decided to find out why I felt so unsure about love. Lots of people told me they loved me, but I never felt sure about it for myself.

Learning what it felt like to be out of alignment was a first step toward manifesting my own soul mate. I was able to stop blaming the people who had hurt me and deal with the pain they were a part of. It was life changing. I felt lighter and lighter as I went along. It was such a relief to stop thinking about all that drama and trauma.

Have you have been indecisive about what you want in love? Today is the day to change that. Make a decision to want what you want. Be honest with yourself and want the biggest and brightest future you can imagine.

If wanting your secret heart’s desire is too painful and makes you feel sad or frustrated, reach out and get some help. The ache of a still-broken heart is not a position of power when attracting new love.

Decisions bring strength. Your mind loves decisions


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