Doctor's Order

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I went to the doctor today…and got a dose of truth
He wrote me a prescription which rids me from you..
He told me my headaches come from having too much tears…
From all the memories I have of you from all these years.
He said my heart is in the worse condition…broken to say the least…
he did say I could get it fixed piece by piece.
He told me my hands were worn for all the years of taking care of you…my arms were stretched to the max from all the years of me holding you…embracing you when you were sick, cold or alone and I was true.
He told me my legs had carried more weight than was ever meant to…all those years of me carrying you…your troubles…carrying your load…
he told me all this comes from what I have reaped and sowed..
He told me my eyes were beautiful but heavy with pain…said I needed to let the tears loose to wash away all hurt…and shame.
My doctor and I had long heart to heart talk…he told me to heal; I’d have to learn to crawl again before I walk.
He told me it was going to be rough to go my way…
To live my life in the way I should have been doing all along. He told me if you loved me the way a man should you would have shared the load. He said you would have carried me when times were hard or I was sick…he said I’d been a better person if I hadn’t loved you through the thin…through the thick.
He told me it takes two to make things work…not one doing it all….he told me I am not in any way lost…or broke beyond repair…he said live my life to the fullest and without despair.
I smiled as I left the office with prescription in hand…finally a new remedy!
Finally…a new me!


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