The Dog That Nobody Wanted

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The pound, a divorce, to the ranch … a true story …

Jim and I were in Folsom, Ca. the summer of 2006. Our son had just married Heather and we were visiting the newlyweds.

I’m sure I barely noticed their new dog they had just got from the pound named Molly. But I did notice every time she was alone in a room there was an “accident”. She’s too old for this I thought, obviously never been house trained. Also from the looks of her stretched out tummy she had had many puppies. I surmised that she may have been in a puppy mill and when too old to breed they left her at the pound for a second chance, and with that pretty face it came.
A couple of years later to our dismay there was a divorce between these two wonderful people. Why?That is another story. Anyway Heather kept Molly with her at the Folsom house until the digging, barking and a real lot of anxiety on molly’s part became just too much of a problem. Heather explained the situation to Nick and he agreed to take Molly to live with him in his small downtown Sacramento studio apartment with a tiny little patio.

He related a few stories about life with Molly in cramped quarters. Like when he was barbequing a steak on the patio he stepped inside for a moment and came back outside to find the steak was gone and Molly seemed to be very pleased! Or the time Nick had a date over and they went out to the hot tub only to come back in to a big wet spot on the couch from Molly and that ended the date! Nick did put up with a lot in that studio with Molly plus her barking in this complex. He did get her a bark collar to wear while he was not home and that helped with the neighbors.

When Nick had to go to his scheduled Guard duty (he is in the Army Reserve) for 3 months we agreed to take Molly in with us in our home in southern California. Even at our house she was not loved by the neighbors (that bugle bark!) and she did threaten our older dog once at the neck with bared teeth. Probably how she had to live in her earlier life to eat I thought. She also had a terrible fetish about always having to be in the house. She would just panic  at the door anytime we would put her out and again I thought about what her earlier life must have been like, so sad.

When Nick’s three month duty was up I thought about keeping her but my husband said he didn’t want that dog. So back to Sacramento she went.

After some time Nick got deployed to Iraq for a year. He tried but could not find a home for Molly except one a place that’s called the ranch southeast of Sacramento. The proprietors were very good and loving with dogs and there is lots of room with 500 acres of open ranch country. So there she went off again to yet another home … because.

I did think about her often and asked Nick before he left on his deployment if he ever went to the ranch unannounced to check on her treatment there. Were they being good to her? Who would want an old non productive breeding dog anyway?
I let it be and tried to not think about Molly until we received the following e-mail from Nick that the ranch just was not working out. Not because they were not nice to her, read on …

From: Nicholas xxxxxxxxx

To: xxxxxxxxxxx

Sent: Tue, Jul 25, 2010 1:10 am

FWD: Molly

Dad, I want to take her back, but I’m getting deployed in November. Can you help me?
On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 8:56 PM, xxxxxxxxx wrote:

Hi Nick,

I hope this finds you well, we are doing ok here. I’m sorry for the delay in writing you.

We have tried every which way to work it out with Molly. She hates it here and she hates us. No matter how hard we try. She hates the other dogs, and the ranch. She wants to be an only dog and with that said “your” dog. She attacked our sixteen year old cattle (who we’ve had
for sixteen years also) for no reason other than she laid on the floor next to the couch Molly was laying on. Sarah was in such pain we thought we have to put her down because she couldn’t get up. Tonight she knocked mom down the STAIRS on mom’s bad ankle which has been shattered and has screws and bolts etc in it. It’s all swollen and purple; she has destroyed her beds from digging in them, and mom’s good quilts that were gifts that laid over the couch. I’m not trying to complain I’m just letting you the situation. We know the right thing to do is send her back to you if you are able to take her and if you are un-able we will place her properly in a home. Most likely one of our friend’s home since she loves some of our friends and she would be the only dog. We have lots of contacts and coonhound rescue friends who will also help

I hate to write this email because we don’t give up on things like this and we have tried so hard. But it simply isn’t working.
All my best
You know … I read in an obituary recently that the man loved animals, particularly  dogs. He always said “you haven’t loved till you’ve loved an animal” and he was right.
Molly now has a nice home with us for well over a year now and has adjusted well. She and my retired husband are best friends.


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