Don’t Get Fooled Again

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I just read a story on here that was very similar to mine. It involved being conned by an immigrant. That’s what happened to me also. I have been married two and a half years and they have been the worst years of my life.

He does not want to have sex with me or enjoy activities with me; all he wants to do is work … at least at first. Now I believe he is a system player. One of his last jobs he got on workmen’s comp. and soaked that for as long as he could. He is now on unemployment … and claims no one will hire him … it’s been almost six months now since he worked.

We are separated. I am disabled with depression. I lost a lot of benefits when I married him. I used to be happy, employed part-time, and life was good. Now I am totally broke, no job, dependent on him financially, and so depressed I can’t bear it sometimes.

I can’t believe how stupid I was to believe his lies. I have so much anger towards him. I am on the point of being homeless and being buried in bills, all he has to do is take the little support he gives me now and I will be virtually destitute. I am doing everything I can to get employed but the job situation here is very bad.

He knows he has me under his thumb so step by step I have to take the steps I need to wean myself off of him financially. He only contributes $600 per month toward my bills, but my SSDI barely covers the rest … see, he knows if he abandons me totally, he will probably be shipped back … so he is doing the bare minimum to “keep me in check.”

I am way too old to start over again and that is what I have to do; I don’t know who or where to turn to for help. Thanks for listening.


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