Don’t Hate the Playa!

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Don’t Hate The Playa! (Due to some complaints about the confusion with the update status # I will use only titles … I’m not sensitive about criticism.)

Urban dictionary defines the phrase; don’t dislike someone for their actions, consider instead the situation that causes it.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. She’s mackin on this young kid right out in the open! Raven, I thought you were more discreet than that? She told me, not so long ago, that this guy who we will call Brian is just a friend. That fact was confirmed by a conversation I had with her husband, who is conveniently out of town. Well if that’s how she treats friends than I guess I’m just a plain ol‘ neighbor! I’m throwin‘ out some slang today to my homies in the sac! Let me qualify what I saw with a description; Parting ways, they were both heading to their own cars, he turns around and approaches her from behind, she turns instinctively there by allowing him to slip both hands around her waist … she arches her back-more instincts probably and with a mutual-head-tilt they lock lips. Sorry, it was too far for my myopic vision to elaborate on whether there was tongue but, come on! Really? I should have seen this coming. The guy comes over all the time. Raven has admitted to being attracted to the jock type, although, he doesn’t strike me as an athlete or even someone who’s in shape, but he does have jet skis and motorcycles.

Anyway, just as I’m about to text a friend about this, Raven calls me on the phone … crap! She saw me through the window? I’m thinking to myself, I need to work on my covertness. “Hey, thought I would tell you that I think my landlord is shady.” “Why?” I sighed with relief.


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