Don’t Stop

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I still remember your mouth crushing against mine,
your skilled tongue invading my mouth
the taste of cigarettes, mints, and testosterone, but
when you switched your attack, hot breath against my pale throat,
gentle vibrations, needs whispered into my ears and
a burning trail of desires against the curve of my neck
It was then I knew there was no turning back.

I told you to close your eyes and let me take you on a journey
of forbidden love, passion, lust, and greed
Let your body become prey to my directions, let me be your guide,
give in and unfold your map and let me read you.

I unbuttoned your shirt, stripped it off your broad shoulders
and found my lips, my teeth attacking you neck, your nipples
your moans caused me to press my naked chest against yours,
as we clung to each other, feeling the heat, continuing our exploration
discovering each other’s form, our shapes, figures,
forever tracing valleys and hills into memories never to be forgotten.

It started as a slow dance, this gentle rhythm of bodies pressed together
and soon became overcome with passion, impatience, insatiability
that turned from fear and uncertainty into voracious desire
Your exploring fingers, experienced now, tracing my every curve,
My hips, waist, and thighs now belonging to you

Belonging to your newfound confidence, to your expert hands
The once attempted, restrained, gentle moaning,
forever gave into the moment, the feelings, and the pleasure
Once so fearful, I gave way to the gratification, to you, to your touch
both our needs heightened into ecstasy, wanting, longing
all apprehension ignored as we gave way to guttural, natural instinct.

Now I’m left always wanting more, always wanting you
remembering what once was, grieving what we could have had,
one more slow dance, another stolen moment in the hall,
a night spent in our forbidden bed, a final kiss,
A final goodbye that can never be . . .


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