Dos it Ever Work with a Younger Man?

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I’ll make this short and sweet…I’ve been in a non-relationship with a guy twenty-one years my junior. He sought after me—not visa versa. I should have known better! I look a lot younger than my age, and he looks older then his age.

I feel stupid actually writing about this because it was plain to see, but my question is why can’t they be honest and tell you that they are in a relationship? Or that it was just about sex? Or that you’re numerically too old for them (even thought the physical appearance does not match the numerical age)? He will constantly tell me he loves me, that I’m wife-y material, that we have a future together but his words do mot match his actions. 

This Halloween will be a year from the first time he ever came over my apartment and on October twelfth it will be five full months from the last time we were together intimately. He tells me that he still sees a future for us but he’s too busy with work and his schedule and never comes over to see me anymore. 

His whole life is a mystery; I still don’t know where he lives. I’ve never met his friends or family and have only been taken out twice by him yet if he sees me talk to someone he’ll ask me if they are my type which shows some form of jealousy. Is he the type that wants his cake and eat it too?

Don’t know what I’m looking for by writing this… I am wondering if anyone else is going through this? 


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