Dragons and Wolves

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What? Did I just make a fool of myself? I kissed him, I couldn’t wait any longer. I did it. I didn’t wait on him to make the first move. I did not want to extend our time out any longer. I loved spending time with him, but I felt it was time to move on. I could tell he was hurting from past experiences. I could tell he was shy and had built such a wall around his heart. It was a huge looming castle over acres and acres of hurt. Dark clouds surrounded him and the person I once knew was buried deep within those castle walls. The sun was very limited, only briefing peeking through the clouds to shine its hot fiery light upon him, showing him that he did not have to hide in the dark cellars. It beckoned him to come out, I could feel the fire within me build, I needed him to see and feel the heat from me. I couldn’t wait any longer. I knew that the power was locked inside of him, and once he began to feel the warmth from the sunlight streaming in through the bars on the castle wall his desires would once again emerge.
As he made his way through the tunnels and up beyond the castle, it was not a man that appeared before me but a wolf; a strong muscular animal once so full of pride and desire, but now struggling to survive. He had only to rely on his pack, but his pack too found it hard to reach him locked behind the thick cold concrete walls. They could only sit and wait, be there for him, be ready for him when he peered from the bars or be ready to catch him if he fell. His eyes sharpened as he reached the light from the sun. His muscles tensed and eased in quick quivers from the heat beating on his fur coat drenching the skin beneath it. His bare paws, thick and callused, eased onto the bare ground for the first time in years; lifting his paws delicately at first and then heavier and heavier as he became sure of himself. He could feel the round mothers’ cool earth beneath him, the blades of grass between his toes. For the first time in years he could smell the dew and moisture around him from the night’s air before. He wanted nothing but to taste the water allowing his body to drink. His senses were alive with power and strength.
A shadow from above moved in front of the sun holding back its heat. It glided smoothly across the ground, moving side to side with strong movements in the current of air creating a slight breeze. At first attempt to look above him the sunlight made him squint and resisting his first instinct to run, tried once more to take a second look, unknowingly, a second chance. The breeze, the air that encircled him was created by her wings. When she flew above, his fur laid back upon his skin allowing the air to weave through his hair cooling and providing shade. She circled above, watching him. He lowered himself to the ground shielding his body from this female creature that moved in and out of the trees. Her body was sleek and skin tough. Her wings stretched, reaching, and seemed to bat the clouds as she flew. Small puffs of smoke blew from her nose and when she willed it, flames shot from her mouth at will and demonstrating her awesome power from the sky swooped down with lighting fast speed, halted and landed before him.
Her blue eyes, glazed with fire gazed upon his wolf like body. He waited, not looking at her directly for fear of being recaptured and place back in the dungeon beyond the bars. His fear kept him from looking at her with his deep intelligent eyes. Would she be able to see through him as she peered at him? Would he be able to read her eyes and the desire that she possessed for him? Moments drug on like seconds, seconds like minutes and minutes like hours. He lifted his eyes; he gazed into the vast sea of blue as she looked into the deep brown. They were no longer a dragon and a wolf. Time had frozen for them and stood still. They saw each other’s births and childhood. They saw running a playing in the deep wood with others of their like kinds. They saw their parents gazing at them with love and devotion, rearing them into the adulthood that they will one day face. They saw each other’s pain and suffering as they fought off the outside world and its evils that tried to one time possess and harm them. They saw their hearts breaking, tears flowing and laughter billowing during times of sadness and elations. They saw each other’s worlds tumbling and falling, then rising and glowing with the bright light of hope and dreams. They looked deep into each of their memories. The wolf saw her flights in the sky with the ground below her, clouds circling her wings as she flew ; and the dragon saw the trees whip by as he ran through the woods with the sun and the birds soaring above him, feet racing over mothers cool ground.
The dragon circled the wolf, placing a wing around his body, and took a guarding stance above him. She would forever now protect him from the dark cellars and stone walls of the castle. He would not have to revisit such a place that broke his spirit and made him hide for so long from the good and love that the world has to offer. Her chest ached for his pain and with an arch of her neck let out flames of love and desire for him. She would guard this wolf with her life and her soul. She will take him upon her back and fly him high above the ground in moments of passion, showing him all she had to give and hoping he would be willing to receive her as she is, not a cunning and passionate wolf but a flaming, spirited dragon. Her love and desire ran deep, coursing through her veins pumping with such force her heart would soon explode. She could not wait any longer for him to be scared. She hated seeing him like that, deciphering, debating what to do. She couldn’t wait for the sun to align with the moon and stars once again; this second opportunity in life had to be taken advantage of. Things are meant to come together, even dragons and wolves. It was fate. I kissed him.


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