Dragons in Bed

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This story contains mature or graphic content.

Dragons circle his wrist. They protect him and connect him to me. His arms are muscular and the color of honey. They feel protective and masculine around me. I love his arms.

He is a sensual man. Quiet, sincere, and private most of the time. His laughter leaps out to capture his audience and pulls us all in. We want to get close to him, but few do.

An artistic soul with music in his head and a paintbrush for an imagination. I want to give him everything to make him happy. I want to leave everything behind and live simply with him. To lay in the sheets with him every night. To undress him slowly button by button exposing that magnificent chest and rolling my tongue over his pierced nipples. I like the feel of the rings in my mouth and the hardened tit. I like that he gets quiet when I do this as his sex comes to life. My tongue slowly moves down to explore his hips and play with his cock. His dick is the color of chocolate and tastes as sweet.

He looks down on me as I take it whole into my mouth and press my lips tightly around it. He enjoys the oral fuck. He likes to watch.

He is aroused and lifts my dress over my head, exposing my naked breast so firm and high with my arousal. He circles my nipples with his finger, then his tongue and finally feeds hungrily at them. His hand reaches into my panties and into my parted valley that holds my sex. Fingers move in and out and I moan with pleasure. He lays on top of me, kissing my neck and breasts as his fingers fuck me.

He pulls me down on the bed and continues to pull off my panties. I lift my leg to free them, exposing my sex to him. He kisses it and inserts his tongue to explore it. It drips with pleasure. He raises my other leg over his shoulder and enters me forcefully. He pounds me against the headboard and I lift my body to fully take him in. “Fuck, fuck, fuck … ” Ahhh, he cums, and cums, and I absorb every cell and sperm. When he pulls out, he drips his pleasure over my hips and onto the sheets.

It’s not enough to satisfy and I want more. He turns me over and lays on top of me with his cock between my buttocks. His pours oil down my back and over my ass and moves his dick back and forth to keep it hard. He lifts my ass and holds onto my hips. “Spread your legs” he commands. I do and his cock teases my ass. He moves it in inch by inch until it disappears into my body and tightens around his penis. He rocks slowly until his arousal overtakes him and with few hard thrusts … he cums again.


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