Essence of Love

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He kissed the under swell of her perfectly round orbs. She looked into his eyes, seeing the adoration shining in them as bright as the north star on a crystal clear night. The joy it invoked in her very soul was like stroking the flames of a raging fire within her heart.

Knowing that only he could completely consume her like this in body, mind, and soul purged him on his exploration of this goddess he now possessed. His touch was that of a finely silken caress on her woman’s body. To feel hard on soft, hot on cold, light in dark, in its pure splendor; to be granted this auspicious wonder now withering beneath his goliath body; to be so consumed with the love and passion, as if to be mortal on Mt. Olympus; to be touched by the gods only to be blessed by the earth and Gaea herself.

Looking into her crystal orbs of the most finest blue, seeing in her what he sees in himself, the self a shored splendor and wonder of know there is no other to capture the life-giving heart that was now possessed by his true love. So into love that their hearts were singing love’s most intimate song, only they could hear the rhythmic beat of two hearts beating as one. To stare at her beauty should be a sin, but to look is no sin in itself. It’s like looking straight at heaven’s gates.


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