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I am a male, fifty-seven years of age, and have been dating a fifty-two-year-old woman for four months. Initially when we first met, I didn’t expect anything, just a date to a ball game. Well, it started rolling from there and today I am in love with her.

Her problem is severe ADD, and she hangs on to all her ex-boyfriends, who usually seem to dump her, by her own admission; she thinks she is a toxin. Now let me just say that she is as sweet as can be, a teacher going for her Masters, so she is a tad busy. Her last boyfriend didn’t want any more than just dating. She fell in love with him and that is when he dumped her (April 2008). Since then, she continues to e-mail him. She tells me she isn’t, but I found out to the contrary, and she admitted it. She sent an e-mail saying she fell in love with him and knows he didn’t want that, and due to this she can’t maintain a friendship or e-mail correspondence, as it brings back memories and still keeps her from committing to our relationship (me). And believe me, it has.

Well, finally after threatening to leave her—and I did, for two days—she cried and told me it was finally over. Now she has this forty-year-old single parent at the school where she worked who is a volunteer and somehow gets her cell phone number (as she doesn’t just give it out) and text messages her at 7 a.m. She says she has no idea who it is and then after several minutes, figures out, OH it must be him? Like I believed that story, okay.

Now she goes to the Citadel College one night a week for classes and parks her car in a lot where there aren’t enough spots, as employees aren’t out of work when she has a 4 p.m. class. She gets a ticket, goes in to complain, and the security cop destroys the ticket, only to call her the very next day on her way to work at 7 a.m. and ask about her Benz, as he is interested in getting one. Like he can afford it, but she goes on to tell him all about it, and says the next time he calls she will tell him she is upset he got her number, and that he had to get it through the school, as being security, he must have access to her files.

She tells me she loves me 100 percent and no other man will come between us, but you know, I am getting tired of all this excess BS, and I ask her, why do you even answer and talk to them instead of telling them right away you are upset? Otherwise they will just call again.

Am I asking too much or, since she is committed to me, should I just let her continue and ignore it?



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