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I love the feeling of being in love. Sometimes, admittedly, it takes 24 hours away and three consecutive glasses of champagne to realize just how in love I am, but those moments where I find myself swooning, loving, adoring, those are the moments that mean the most to me.

There is the moment when Kate, an acquaintance who I really think is a friend but one based on a working relationship, watched me melt as I described who he was, how we met, how he asked. There was the stranger, who listened to me giggle as I explained how I knew he was the one. There was me, the person who knows us the most, who was shocked to find herself collapsing just at the thought of being away from him. And then there was the girl, who could care less that she was advertly hit on because at home she knew she had him, the person she held most dear in her dreams.

I know he loves me, he shows me each and every moment he is with me. And I know he is the one and only one that I want to share my life with, that I want to consider sharing a family with, that I want to wake up with and support in his time of need. But I can only hope that he realizes how much I miss him, want him, love him, need him when he’s not right next to me. because as much as I know how to express what I’m feeling to others, I’m not so sure I’m that great at expressing those very feelings to him, the one who loves me the most.


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