Fairy Tales

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I still believe in Fairy Tales.
I still want the price rescues me from the monster,
I still dream about the happily ever after ending,
I still crave the one, the only one will find me.

I knew there is hardly any Fair Tales,
I knew I might be the only one can really rescue me from any kind of monsters,
I knew that happily ever after ending just the cover story,
I knew that there is no such thing is “The One.” 

Last night I was at the gallery,
L asked me, “What are you looking for?”

I told her,
“I just want to find a guy that would chose having a conversation with me over watching TV.”

L laughed so hard,
I thought she might knock down those glass vases.

“Honey, there is no man on earth would do that!”
“Like my husband, he is so tired after whole day at work; he would take TV over me, Plus, it is his “personal space time, he deserves the TV.”

I understood what she was trying to tell me,
There is NO fairy tales.
Life is a hard, ill-planned play,
Get over it and get on your life.

Is that really true that once you married, or into a relationship for a little bit longer,
There will be nothing to talk about but the salts, toilet papers, and what’s for dinner?

Where are those passionate moments when you two first met?
Where are those sweet memories when you two were just one year into the relationship?
Where are those hot, sweaty lovemaking when you two just cannot keep the hands away from each other?
Where are those deep conversations when you two share your dreams together?

The steady relationship takes all of those away?
The family responsibilities take all of those away?
The love for your children take all of those away?

Those passionate moments are burying into the day so-called “anniversary,”
Those sweet memories only appear in your family albums,
The children are the result of those hot, sweaty love making, then that’s it,
Those deep conversations are about your two jobs, life, stress.

The little girl inside of me still believes in Fairy Tales.


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