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When it comes to advice on family and friends, we’ve got what you need to know. Our authors share their personal accounts of family fun and tips for dealing with friends—the good and the bad. From gift giving to family games to being the friend you would want, Divine Caroline offers advice you can’t ignore!
Want to spice up the present-opening portion of the next wedding shower you attend? Buy the bride-to-be one of the best bridal shower gifts (outside of her registry of course).
When ‘splitting the bill’ isn’t an even split, group dining can feel like competitive eating.
Making friends used to be so easy. It happened after you swapped your PB... more
Whether your mom is a health nut or considers shopping her cardio, these Mother's Day gifts are sure to give her a competitive edge. Pick up one of these sporty gifts for Mom and you're sure to score points.
What do you get for the adventurous mom on the go? Show your love with a fashionable accessory that can travel with her. She'll love any of these thoughtful gifts, and you'll feel better knowing she's all set for her next trip!
Is your mom a little bit rock'n'roll? If so, this Mother's Day gift guide is for you! You'll find just the present you need to ensure she stays true to the wild child within.
Doesn’t Mom deserve something beyond the standard massage and chocolate? Of course she does! But as the clock ticks down the final days and minutes until Mother’s Day, you may start running out of gift options. So, to get creative and give... more
Some people may playfully say movies like This is 40 is a strong warning to not get married. Then there are logical, legitimate reasons to not get married -- like if your friend is going to marry the most vile person on the planet. Believe... more
Just when you think you've crossed all the "nices" off your list, some well-meaning acquaintance presents you with a carefully wrapped box and you have nothing in return. Or, maybe you get invited to a party where you're expected to give a... more
Ties. Tool kits. “World’s Greatest Dad” trophies. After kids have been out of the “macaroni-glitter-art-project” years, fathers tend to accumulate a lot of the typical Father’s Day gifts.   Of... more
I used to ask my mom why there was a Mother's Day and a Father's Day but no Kid's Day. She said there are 365 Kid's Days. Poor Mom. One day a year we celebrate all she does for us, and we do that with a World's Best Mom mug and breakfast... more
There are few things more infuriating than trying to talk to someone who has to “one-up” everyone she talks to – someone who views each piece of small talk as a chance for supreme conversational dominance.
How well you fare with your boyfriend's mother will, at least to some degree, influence your relationship with him. Unrest between the mother and the “new woman” is an age-old dilemma and one that could potentially disrupt happiness in... more
My fiancé and I have one set of “couple” friends who are a lot like us in many ways. We’re all around the same age, and we’re all products of similar schools and universities. We live just a few blocks away... more
Some people ooze effortlessly cool vibes, while others sit in the corner staring at the cool table in the high school cafe. New studies suggest there may be a correlation between our genetic makeup and level of popularity.
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She's the first woman in your husband's life and the one who will always love him, yes she's the mother-in-law. Loving her son doesn't always mean loving her as well which is why we had an expert answers your mother-in-law questions.
You know what they say: Teach a woman how to give her guy a massage and she can show him how to do the same for her. (Okay, no one says that. But it's true!) Learn these basic techniques for a relaxing, stress-relieving massage.
It's the holiday season and that means plenty of family gatherings, work parties and a lot of small talk -- and I mean A LOT. Think about it: when you go to family gatherings, there is always that one family member that... more
Supposedly, your body is your temple and your "temple" can say a lot -- even when words aren't coming out of your mouth. It's pretty amazing how much a shift of an eye or a cross of the legs can say more than you want.... more
We all have one of them in our lives: they are not a friend or an enemy. They are a frenemy. We love them, but we hate them. They bring so much joy to our lives, but they also bring just as much misery. Some of them are easy to spot, while... more
There are not many people who love getting into arguments. Actually -- I take that back. There are people out there who thrive on picking verbal fights with people. Those are people who make the world miserable and a little douchey. If... more
Married couple, early thirties, seeks same for enjoyable evenings spent enjoying cool restaurants, drunken afternoons in wine country, and general hooliganry. Kids okay, as long as you leave them at home. Encyclopedic pop culture knowledge... more
A few years ago, I sat amongst a lovely group of church women whom I hardly knew and listened in as they engaged in the same kind of conversation almost every group of women have when they sit down to share a meal together, the ‘fat... more
Some girls (read: single girls) dread Valentine’s Day from the second they see the shelves at Walgreens stocked with those menacing boxes of candy hearts. But who says you have to be in a relationship to truly appreciate the meaning... more
Whether you've been together for years or two months, the stress of the holiday season can take a toll on your relationship. 'Tis the season to be jolly, not fighting in your boss's coat closet, so here are 11 seasonal relationship... more
Twelve Friendship Vows to Make with Your BFF
When it comes to friendship—best friendship—it's easy to focus on the fun stuff and forget about the hard stuff. Shopping, talking, getting drunk on white wine, and watching Real Housewives, that's easy. But not everything... more
Like designer shoes, fathers don't come in one-size-fits-all—and shopping for men (especially those who raised you) is sometimes as impossible as finding a Jimmy Choo sample sale. But it is still possible to give the man in your life... more
When I need love, affection, and a boost of self-esteem, I go to my mom. When I need candor, career counseling, and unconventional cooking advice (How do you brown rice? Add Coke!), I go to my dad. Dads (mine in particular) tend to have a... more
When we’re just getting to know someone—a friend, a business associate, a romantic partner—being inquisitive about the other person’s background and interests is a healthy and inevitable part of the process. But that doesn’t mean it’s... more
Girl crushes – we have all had one. She may have flawless hair or a kick-butt wardrobe. She could be a celebrity, coworker, or random woman on the street. Just like a boy crush, a girl crush can make you sweat or crack stupid jokes. Don’t... more