The Five Best Spots to Meet the Father of Your Children

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Meeting men is all fun and games until somebody gets hurt by an overzealous biological clock. When that baby countdown launches, your whole outlook on dating changes. You worry a whole lot less about a guy’s ability to look sexy on the dance floor and a whole more about his ability to look sexy changing a diaper.

Even if you’re not on the daddy hunt, the qualities that make a good father usually make a good life partner. So it doesn’t hurt to keep the “good dad vs. bad dad” test in mind when scoping out potential mates.

Can he keep a pet, a plant, or a friendship alive? Good dad.

Does he consider pizza, beer and mac ‘n cheese nutritional staples? Bad dad. (Although your future kids will probably adore his culinary limitations!)

We’ve scoured the town and tracked down the Five Best Spots to Meet the Future Father of Your Children.

1. Softball Game
Participation in community sports leagues shows that a man has a playful side and a social network, both important factors in parenting. Whether it’s a softball team, a pickup basketball game or a kickball league, some sort of extracurricular activity shows that this man might just be dad material. He’s good at keeping weekly commitments and values a balanced life beyond the office. Added bonus? You know he doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty!

Any pet-owning man has obviously earned his caretaking stripes. Pets are an enormous responsibility, and the fact that he’s able to keep something alive and happy is a tell-tale sign that he’s on the road to becoming a great dad. Owning a pet also demonstrates his ability to selflessly care for others beyond himself, a huge coup in the daddio department.
Added bonus? Animals are excellent icebreakers to human hearts and loyal companions for future little ones!

3. Behind the Grill
Throughout the summer BBQ season, scope out the man who’s manning the grill. Who’s more dad-worthy than the grillmaster: taking charge, taming flames, and cooking up protein. Dads need to be able to withstand heat, be leaders and—to put it plainly—fry up the bacon. (Because lord knows we’re not going to do all the cooking!) Grilling guys have all these traits and more. Added bonus? Yum!

4. PTA Meeting
As this organization has the word parent in the title, it’s a no-brainer jackpot for meeting past, present and future dads. The national PTA has even named a dad as its president. (A first in the organization’s 113 year history.)

Now, if you don’t already have a child in school, we’re not suggesting you go out and rent a kid (or little person) in order to gain access to all those single PTA dads. Instead, volunteer at a school or a youth organization, where you’re certain to meet single fathers who’ve already proved themselves dad-worthy. Added bonus? You know any future kids will already have an “in” at the best school in town!

5. The Home Depot
Show me a man who can build something with his hands and I’ll show you a man who can build a life for you and your future kids. There’s no better place to score a sperm-worthy spouse than in the aisles of “Daddy Depot.” Any tape measure wielding man worth his salt knows the virtues of patience and practice, critical parenting techniques. And that old “Measure twice, cut once,” is a great motto for all moms and dads.

Added bonus? He’ll be able to build the kids their own tree house! Or, you know, at least buy the supplies for it.

By Carrie Seim of BettyConfidential


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