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Five Ways to Keep Him Interested

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Do all guys have attention-deficit disorder? That’s a question my friend asked me the other day. She was in a relationship with a guy who she thought was great. They dated for over four months, had a wonderful time and then, out of nowhere, he tells her that he needs his space. But just the night before, he wined her and dined her. He even gave her a gift—a fabulous pair of designer jeans. So she was stunned when he called a time-out on their seemingly great relationship. Has this ever happened to you? If so, you can relate to the feelings of frustration and hurt that set in when you find out you’re man doesn’t want to be with you, share anymore great times with you, cook you dinner or talk to you on the phone for hours about everything or nothing at all.

No one really knows why guys change their minds so quickly. They’re just as fickle with love as we women are with shoes or clothes. So, what’s a girl to do to keep a man interested?

1) Think like a guy. Enter his world and see what it’s like to be obsessed with sports, cars and beer. Attend sporting events regularly with your man. Read up on his favorite sports, players, etc. so that you can comment just like his guys friends do when Shaq misses a shot or the Dolphins lose another game. He’ll be even more impressed if you can rattle off a statistic or two. What you’re doing by sharing this time with your man is bringing you both closer. He’s not going to want to lose his best friend and by being part of his world, you’re going to become just that!

2) Become a tramp. Okay, not literally, but do it in the bedroom for your man. He’ll love it when you show up for a night of passion in a sexy outfit or costume that tantalizes him. Make it even more interesting by vamp it up not only in the bedroom, but in other parts of the house and for the daring among you, try doing it in public. Hot! Hot! Hot!

3) Chill out. Guys speak a different language. What they consider bad, we may consider atrocious. What they consider a white lie, we consider the end of the world. When your guy does something to upset you, don’t lash out and do something to make him mad. Instead, calmly and rationally explain to him how you’re feeling and exactly why you are upset. Make it like a discussion, not a confrontation or argument. Guys hate confrontation with women and women don’t like the wrinkles from stress that arguing brings!

4) Pet him. That’s right, treat your man like your pet once in a while by rewarding him for good behavior. If he surprises you and comes home early, rock his world in the sack that night. If he mows the lawn, buy him tickets to a sporting event. This way, you’re slowly training him and letting him know that he’s got an incentive for behaving himself.

5) Laugh at him. I’ve heard guys tell the lamest jokes that are so not funny! But if my husband where telling the exact same joke, I’d laugh until tears came out of my eyes. For some unknown reason, guys like to know they have the ability to make a woman laugh and put a smile on her face. Even if your guy is not so funny, make him thinks he should have pursued a career in stand-up comedy. He’ll really appreciate it!

By Tasha Cunningham

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