Forever and the Day

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As I look at the dark sky with the twinkling stars surrounding the atmosphere it feels surreal, am I really here. I hear the scream of what sounds like a man. It frightened me. I turned and saw the man, he was wearing a New York Giants jersey. I remember him, he was the person behind me when I got on to the bus. I look around again more and more people calling for help. I turn my head the other way to see the bus flipped on its side with amber flames filling the seats. The sirens got louder and louder until it hurt my ears so bad I couldn't help but yell. Police officers and firemen rushed towards all of us as if they were being chased. A woman grabbed my hand and helped me up, I couldn't stand straight it hurt my neck to bad. She laid me down in the back of a tall white ambulance and told me not to fall asleep and to keep talking to her. I told her that I'm good at talking and how my mom always tells me that I need to zip my lip sometimes because people loose interest on the words mumbling out of my mouth. I tried to sit up so that I could see what was going on, I put both of my arms on the side of the stretcher and tried to push my self up but both of my wrists gave out and I fell back down, hitting my neck against the seatbelt. I heard the man again, he yelled for someone named Bethany, but I didn't hear an answer. As the woman was wrapping my ankle up with a bandage a man in navy blue ran came up to us and told her that we should go back to the hospital to check everything out.
When we arrived at the tall building the nice woman told me that she would come check up on me later. They put me in a room, a tan colored room. I was by my self. I wanted to call my mom but I couldn't remember the number. The nurse told me my memory should be back within a few hours and I shouldn't worry. The man in the Giants jersey was now my roommate. He was a nice guy, he showed me a picture of a lady with short brown hair and asked me if I had seen her, it was his sister, Bethany. I told him that I haven't but he can ask the nurse. The nurse came in five minutes later, he asked her the same thing he had just asked me but sbig he told him that she was in the room next to us and that she is okay. The man in the jersey had a look of relief come upon his face when he heard the word "okay". The doctors took both of us to get X-rays. I had a spinal cord injury and two sprained wrist, and he had a shattered radius in his left arm. We were both a mess. Both of us stayed in the hospital for a week, laughing at jokes together and watching the giants so I could learn football. He has taught me a lot through life. His name is Harrison Moe and my name is Kate Moe. We have been married 53 years. I will never forge the day I met my soulmate


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