Getting Chubby with the Hubby

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After years of trial and error, heartbreak, and bitterness, I finally found the perfect-for-me guy and am loving engaged life! When I met my new beau, I was at the peak of my physique—135 pounds, size-two jeans, and comfortable in a bikini. Getting there wasn’t easy for me though…. I worked for it by going to the gym at least four times a week, counting my calories, and watching the alcohol consumption. Today I sit at my computer, fifteen pounds heavier, sporting my new muffin top. How did I get here?!

Desperate to get back to the no-flab zone, I started tracking my calories again on SparkPeople, which is how I got down from 145 to 135 in the past. As I started entering in my food choices throughout the day, I was shocked to see how much I have been eating lately. Coffee with cream every morning, an entree or two for lunch at my job’s cafeteria (it’s free, so why not try everything!) along with raspberry iced tea and a cookie or ice cream for dessert, and for dinner, that’s a whole other monster in itself! When you becomes “he and I,” couples everywhere all of a sudden want to hang out and go to dinner, watch a movie, etc. Dinner is sometimes at our favorite restaurant with a Hibachi grill, at one of the three sets of parents’ house for a delicious home-cooked meal, take-out from that fast-food restaurant where we crave those bean and cheese burritos, or at home making hamburger helper or burgers on the grill.

After dinner, what better thing to do than relax on the couch and enjoy a movie from Netflix or one of our favorite TV shows (a tie between The Biggest Loser, Dexter, Keeping up with the Kardasians, and Friends). To our detriment, there just has to be a convenience store right across from the apartment, loaded with our favorite snacks (Slim Jims, Flaming Hot Cheetos, Red Vines, and Haagen-Daaz ice-cream bars). Blub blub blub, I can just feel my stomach getting fatter just listing these foods.

Last but not least, when two social butterflies become a couple, the social network doubles, and that means parties here and there, wedding events galore, and inviting friends over for drinks on the patio. The days have been exciting, and for a foodie like me, it’s hard to complain about the opportunities to go out for some new cuisine (and some familiar) experiences. When you start to hear people tell you that you “look happy,” it’s time to start checking the scale, because often times, happiness equals fuller cheeks and softer bodies.

After all said and done, I can’t help but admit that being with my hubby has definitely made me chubby, and knowing is half the battle. It’s time to start getting on that treadmill at the gym that I’m paying for monthly and start regulating my food intake. No more late snacking for us, that’s for sure. My boo and I are going for the fun without the chubs!



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