The Gift

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Has anyone ever had their heart broken? Now that’s a crazy question; I think everyone has, once in a lifetime.

It’s a pain that is hard to put into words, but I have finally been able to put my pain into words. This story should have been titled “He Broke My Heart,” but instead I thought the title perfect for the ending. This is my first time writing something that anyone will read. So my nerves have my heart beating as fast as the drums and congas in a salsa-dance piece.

Here is my pain:

He broke my heart. Of course, it was my fault. I gave my heart to him wrapped in a beautiful blue box with a pink, bow the kind you spend $10 for.

The night was clean and cool. I bathed and perfumed in his favorite; my hair cascading past my shoulders with the breeze catching it just so. My dress was a smooth creamy color that flowed in the same breeze that caught my hair. I glowed, just shined with grace and beauty like a swan floating on a quiet pond

pure elegance.

He stood in that same breeze, leaning against that willow tree the one that held our secrets swaying so gently in the cool clean, crisp breeze. The moon so full and beautiful, lighting every step of the way. He never looked so handsome, so strong, and so beautiful. His lips soft and full, his hair shiny and black with a hint of gray at the temples of his beautiful face. His eyes, Oh! His eyes they burned the color of a winter bonfire “Amber” his smile as smooth and as sweet as honey, his arms; how I loved the way he held me tight. I felt so protected, and strong, nothing could hurt me in his arms.

He noticed me, my heartbeat fast inside the beautiful blue box with the pink $10 bow. I smiled, he smiled back; Oh! How I wanted to kiss those lips once again, but instead of a kiss, I gave him the box. The beautiful blue box with that $10 pink bow, he opened it. Just then I felt the world stop, no breeze, no sound, the world just stopped still, silent, stopped. I held my breath, he reached into the box took out my heart and looked at it and smiled at me. And in one instant he threw it to the ground, he shattered it. I looked down at my shattered heart, and without a care in the world he walked away. I felt shock, anguish, pain, for on the ground was that beautiful blue box, that stupid pink $10 bow and my heart, shattered, broken, gone. Just then the pain stopped for I had remembered I had been given a gift from him, a piece of his heart that grew inside my small rounded belly. I passed my hand over my belly that grew and just smiled.


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