The Grace Period After a Breakup

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How soon after breaking up should you hook up with someone else?

To properly address this question, it is important to first realize that there is no one finite answer. This question is very much contingent upon various conditions, relevant to each individual relationship; but it is wise on your part to think through as many of the circumstances as possible that may affect your judgment and impair your ability to move forward.

The first, and perhaps most vital aspect to take into consideration is, were you infatuated or in love. It can be easy to misconstrue the two, especially when entranced in the honeymoon phase and if the time spent together had not matured into a long-term relationship.

If the relationship only scratched the surface, then it is far easier to remove yourself from the situation and move on into another relationship; but if you were in love, then this can be a long and excruciating period before you are able to allow someone else to enter your life.

If you were in love, never disregard the feelings festering inside; if you feel sad, mad, lost, or confused, never run away from those feelings or mask them. It is always a good practice to sit with those feelings and allow them to consume you. Like muscle recognition, learning and adapting to your bodies moods and physical adaptations will enable you to recognize those feelings later on down the road, so that you can nip them in the butt before turning catastrophic.

If you were in love, it is wise to allow an adequate amount of time to pass so that mends can be made to the rifts in your heart. Not only is this a much needed process for healing for yourself, but for those who enter your life; so that they are not up against lingering feelings that may halt forward progression.

What Would Simeon Do?

Breakups are never easy, unless you truly were not emotionally invested in your partner; then the separation process can more likely unfold without a hitch. But for those that were in love, the saying, “time will heal all wounds,” may all that there is for consolation.

I find that if you are exhausted yourself to the end of your emotional capacity to give to your partner, and you have mentally disassociated yourself from the lifestyle that once flourished, then you are now in a position to move on in your life and into another relationship.

While there is no distinct time period necessary from one relationship to another, it is however, always a reassurance to know that both individuals were not quick to jump right into something new; it is a testament to the value of that relationship.


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