Happy Birthday: I Got You ... an STD?!

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With my birthday approaching, I started to think about “the worst birthday gifts ever” and it wasn’t long before my mind wandered to one of my girl friends. She had been dating this guy for a while; I think about three months or so when she decided to “give it up”—on her birthday. Because as we all know, your birthday along with any other designated romantic day is usually a guarantee for sex.

Well, her special day was slightly different; Lover Boy ended up giving her a little something more than the Big O (I don’t even know if he gave her that). Unfortunately, her birthday sex wasn’t wrapped and she was surprised with an STD a couple weeks later. 

Thankfully, she was able to treat it with over the counter medications and learned an invaluable lesson—and got rid of the loser (hey, how do you not know you have crabs?!). This just illustrates how important safe sex is—no matter how old we are or how well we might think we know someone.

I’m all for taking risks especially on my birthday, but not in the bedroom (well, not without a condom of course!)



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