Is He Cheating or Is It Your Imagination

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Is he cheating or is it your imagination? Without any concrete evidence, it's most likely your imagination.

So, what to do?

You can go on making the accusations, question him when he comes home at night. You can be hateful to every woman that crosses your (and his) path because you're suspicious. You can check his phone at night for calls, emails and text messages. You can check his computer for emails, check his Facebook page, check the history on his browser. You can visit him at work, call him throughout the day. You can check is bank account and credit card charges. You can drive around town looking for his car. You can ask his friends, ask his co-workers, ask his employees. Phew! You can do all this and then…..what?

If he's cheating, do some quick self-assessment. Why is he cheating? Most men will stray but do not intend to leave their marriage. They think of it as an extra-curricular activity because they are bored. You can take the upper hand and stay in the marriage because you love him. If it's true love then it's unconditional. If you're thinking of leaving him (or better yet, throwing him out) then you're love isn't unconditional or your marriage was limited anyway. So you should get out of it anyway and move on.

If you want to go around, wasting time and energy then so be it. However, your time would be better spent focusing on being a good wife and lessening the stress in the marriage. Make your home a sanctuary so that he wants to come home, wants to come home to you, to relax, to enjoy his life with you.

Do you think he wants to come home if you're going to question him about who he talked to, what he did and go through his phone? Really…would you? Flip it around, how would you feel if he was overbearing, checking on everything that you did, who you talked to, went through your text messages. Surely, you would start in on him about trust. So what about you?

It's probably your imagination. Energy and time that is better spent on something else.


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