Is His Height a Deal Breaker?

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Blame it on Jimmy Choo. More and more women are towering over their male counterparts these days.

While the average height for a man ranges between 5’8’‘ and 5’11’‘, popular high heel styles are stacked at 3, 4, and even 5 inches, which means that if you’re a stylish single woman on the prowl, chances are you might be looking down at your next date.

Rest assured, you’re not alone. The Huffington Post just published a list of Fourteen Famous Couples With Taller Women and we must say, things are looking up. Many attractive and successful women have paired up with men who are, let’s just say, vertically challenged. Janet Jackson towers over Jermaine Dupree, Mick Jagger is minuscule compared to L’Wren Scott, and Sophie Dahl stands at least 3 inches above her beau, Jamie Cullum.

These women didn’t stop themselves from falling in love just because they towered over their man. But they appear to be the exception and not the rule.

For years, women have been conditioned to believe that tall, dark, and handsome is the only way to go. Breaking that mantra, specifically when it comes to height, is harder than it sounds. Ask any of your exceptionally tall friends why they are still single and they’re likely to blame it on the fact that they refuse to date a shorter man. And by short, they mean anyone below 6’2’‘.

What is it about being with a shorter man then that traditionally makes a woman wrinkle her nose? Is it her own self-consciousness or simply a matter of attraction? Are taller men simply more desirable?

Being tall usually gives a man self-confidence. Likewise, snuggling up to a taller man usually makes a woman feel better about her own proportions. There’s nothing worse for a woman’s self-confidence than realizing she weighs more than a man she’s about to get naked with.

Height has traditionally been a turn on because it can signal strength, power, and point to other physical attributes as well …

So call it shallow. Call it short-sighted. When a woman sizes up a man, she’s likely to drop her gaze if his head doesn’t clear her shoulders.

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