Holidays Comes with Tremendous Bliss

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Yes, I am here again to post a blog entry with refreshing mind and new thoughts after series of holyday and lots of happening events.

As holidays come with lots of happening things and joy, it also ends with good memory and pain of loneliness again. It hurts when you realized that your near and dear one is not going to stay with you much longer.

I have veterans both this flavor. I had felt the warmed side of my parents at Christmas time. I had enjoyed massing with my mom on Christmas Eve and coming home to a home cooked meal and exchanging presents. I bought special gifts for the person who loves me a lot.

The New Year gives me ray of hope for a new commencement and rehabilitated focus and power to achieve all those goals on my hit List and to spend some time on friends, socializing and pursuing venues to meet one for whom my heart is beating. I have also attend few dating site for my single friends.

2010 comes with a good career, a nice family and wonderful friends and my health. I am very glad that I came across with such kind of people in my life. I have explain many more thing about online dating to my friends who are not much aware of this scenario to find out soul mate in their life.

For this 2010, I have decided few things in my life as resolution of the year that I will attend gym regularly, I will take care of my health and family and friends. I will try to spend time with family and friends rather then with work all the time. I will try to balance these things.

I like to advice those people who first make resolution and they will break it very soon. Take it easy, try to follow your AIM, and do not forget your basic principals. Come across with different people and find single for your life, which will make you feel happy. Try to focus on one thing at time. It will work. Be happy, people around you will be happy to see you happy.

Cheers to New Beginnings!

I wish everyone a wonderful New Year’s and hope that 2010 holds nothing but fulfilled hopes and dreams.

We would like to see more comments and input and shared stories in 2010! 



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