Honeymoon in the Hospital, Part I

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Every girl dreams of her wedding day even if she isn’t a girly-girl. My situation wasn’t any different and when I met my soul mate, I could not wait to plan our big day. My Prince Charming proposed to me on Memorial Day weekend in front of some of my family. I was so excited to have the title of fiancé and looked forward to spending the rest of my life with him. I whole heartedly believe that vows are not just words repeated, but rather the foundation of what should be lived out. Wedding day plans were soon in full motion and the big day was quickly arriving. Then, without warning, our worlds were turned upside down. My fiancé was living in the home that would soon become our home and I was staying with my parents. On July 10, just fourteen days before our wedding, my husband fell in his home but thought nothing of it and went to bed. He woke up in the middle of the night with unbearable pain and was rushed by ambulance to the local hospital. He was then transported by ambulance to a bigger hospital about an hour away. They told him that he had a lacerated kidney but did not seem too concerned. He was sent home the next day and was told his kidney would heal on its own in time. We all breathed a sigh of relief and hoped he would soon feel better. Little did we know that a deadly infection was slowly seeping into his body.

On July 13, he had been in excruciating pain all day, so much so that each breath began to be followed by a grunt. That night, his parents and I took him back to the local hospital and he was rushed by ambulance to the bigger hospital once again. They informed us that he would need to have emergency surgery and began prepping him right away. The doctors believed that air was getting into his stomach and had two ideas of what could be happening. They told us that they may have to cut out some of his small intestine or that he may have to have a colostomy bag for a few months. I felt more at ease as they told me that they had already performed a similar surgery that night and it was a great success. Immediately after receiving this news, we knew the wedding was out of the question and turned our focus to getting my fiancé well. I was incredibly nervous as I waited in a hospital waiting room with my parents and soon to be in-laws. Then, two hours later, we were directed to a smaller waiting room to hear the results from the doctor. We could have never prepared ourselves enough for the life changing news we were about to hear. The doctor began to explain that things were much worse than they thought and that my fiancé was very, very sick. My fiancé did not have air getting into his stomach, but rather had a deadly infection spreading rapidly throughout the left side of his body. This infection was doubling every eight minutes, which meant time was of the essence and we were in a race against time. As the doctor said “I hate to tell you all this,” it felt like a dream because it was a line I had heard on so many movies. He proceeded to inform us that he truly believed my fiancé was the sickest person in the trauma unit. As we were all crying our eyes out and trying to grasp the truth of what we had just been told, my future mother-in-law asked the doctor what the chances looked like for my fiancé. The doctor looked at each of us and said,”Right now there’s a 50/50 chance of him making it.” How could this be? This was supposed to be a fairly simple surgery. I should be waiting to see my husband in a recovery room not receiving news that he may not make it. It was at that point when everything came into perspective. After talking with the doctor, my parents, future in-laws, and myself went into a quite family room to let the news sink in. My fiancé’s mom immediately hugged me and the first thing I said was “I can’t live without him!!” As she wrapped her arms around me, she tried to comfort me by assuring me that I wouldn’t have to. In the midst of all of tears, we gathered in a circle and began to pray.

We all truly believe with every ounce of our being that God had control of the doctors and held my fiancé’s life in His hands. We put our faith in God and He is what carried us through our life changing circumstance. The heart wrenching news hit like a rock against my heart. I was unsure of how to take it all in and couldn’t believe this could be happening to me. We had spoken with the doctor around 6 a.m. and another doctor was scheduled to do the second surgery at noon the same day. What a blessing the second doctor turned out to be! After the second surgery, the doctor met with us to give us an update. He began to tell us that my fiancé’s left kidney looked dead and when he clamped it off, his vitals immediately stabilized. This was the answer we had all been dying to hear! His kidney was the root of the problem and therefore was removed. His spleen had been removed in the first surgery along with handfuls of dead tissue. I must also say that my husband was in a medically induced coma and would be for days so I was not able to discuss anything with him. As the days drug on, it got harder and harder for me to bear the heavy burden of all of the information I had been given, knowing my fiancé’ had no idea how close to death he had truly come. 


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