Hooked On The Jones - Love Scene

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When we entered the elevator of our apartment building you could sense the attraction. He didn’t say it but his eyes would wander in my direction and then he would clear his throat. The elevator ride from the ground up to the sixth floor seemed like the longest ride ever. When the doors opened I stood there for a minute. My mind wanted to conjure up any excuse to invite him into my home. “Mr. Jones, do you want to have a drink with me?” I didn’t want to turn him off by my sudden advance so I told him that the drink was to celebrate landing the client. I just wanted to be close to him. I wanted to get inside his mind. The eight-hour day wasn’t enough for me to learn all that I wanted to about Mr. Jones. He looked at me and hesitated for a minute. I know the boss in him wanted to say, no. It was inappropriate. But the man in him that was staring at my dress wanted to say, hell yea. After a few minutes of his internal battle, he answered,“Sure.” He stepped out the elevator and followed me to my apartment door. I knew as well as he did, he had no business getting off of that elevator.

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When the door crept open, my heart started pounding. My intuition was right. Mr. Jones and I were going to make love. I knew it was going to happen as soon as we left the office. He was the predator and I was his prey. I could see it by the way he watched me walk back and forth. I didn’t mind being on his menu for that night. I wanted him just as bad as he wanted me. The room was dark except for the digits on the alarm clock and I could see his silhouette standing there in the dark. He got undressed and when he crept up on the bed my hand touched the muscle in his arm. I could feel the heat coming off of his body. He inched between my legs backing me up into the center of the bed. His approach to undressing me was unusual. He placed his hand in the center of my bra and tore it off of me. When he ran his hands down my body to my panties I braced myself. He grabbed my panties and pulled them slowly down my thighs and then off of my body. Mr. Jones was playing with his food. He met with my neck shortly afterwards. The force of his lips on my neck got my nipples rock hard. He ran his tongue down to my nipple and sucked on it gently. Then he filled his mouth with my tit. Once he was satisfied with one, he moved his mouth to the other. Our bodies synced and he moved inside me. His first entrance went deep. He made sure that I felt every inch of him. He moved it back some and then started his stroke. His love was good and he knew exactly how to drive me crazy. He was deliberate with his motion and he wanted me to know that I was making love to a man.

Mr. Jones was seasoned and he knew exactly what he was doing. There wasn’t any piece of my inside that was left unfulfilled. He steadily, deliberately, and thoroughly fucked the shit out of me. The tighter I gripped him, the more I felt him man up. He started going deeper and deeper with every thrust until I couldn’t take it anymore. The man knew how to make my body speak. He listened for the cues and he could tell what to do and when to do it. My lips started to quiver and he could feel my body getting ready. When he noticed my body getting ready, he made sure to keep his shit steady. After a while, I couldn’t take it anymore. I moaned that moan and when he heard it, he put his lips to my ear and whispered in the sexiest most animalistic voice ever. “Let it go.”

And that, I did. My body erupted with a powerful orgasm. I grabbed him and he tongued me down as he continued to indulge in my wet pussy. He stroked me harder and harder enhancing the fluid that flowed from me. He grabbed me up from the bed and pulled me on top of him. I rode up and down on him dripping all over his stiff dick. Fuck, he moaned. He threw me back down on the bed, grabbed at my hips, and stroked the shit out of me some more. There wasn’t going to be too much more of me that he could handle, I could feel it. He returned his mouth to my tit and sucked on it viciously. After a few minutes I felt his body shiver. He went deep inside me one last time and filled me with his cum. My legs shook uncontrollably as he pulled himself out of me. I got up carefully and went to the bathroom to clean up. When I returned to my room, Mr. Jones was sleeping peacefully. I reached in my drawer for some boy shorts and a tank top. I eased onto the bed and got underneath the comforter. Mr. Jones woke up momentarily to join me. He crept up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Damn girl,” he said softly as he buried his nose into the back of my neck. I couldn’t even speak. My body was done. I just exhaled deeply and placed my arms on top of his. Why did he have to love me that good? I no longer just wanted him in my life; I needed him in my life. I needed his steady stroke and his passion. After a couple of minutes I fell asleep in Mr. Jones’s arms. Later on that night Mr. Jones left after placing my shoes and dress in my room and a note on my bed.

I would stay, but I know you have company coming tomorrow. I look forward to seeing you on Monday. I had a great time. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. James.


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