Hope and Goals

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One goal is to move toward pleasure and away from pain. The amount of pleasure people receive will be their mark of success. Women know a man’s confidence is based on his sexual worth and acceptance. Men carry that sexual acceptance or rejection to the grave. We as woman know males are under the authority and guidance of a female from the beginning. They remain dependent on woman for their comfort and survival. I begin to experience sexual feeling of curiosity and desire. A man believes that he is special and unique. Men will only marry a woman only if she knows that he is special and unique. Men really want to be someone you call a Casanova lover. However, men can learn how to become monogamous friends or partners. Men prefer a good marriage to being single but, they do not like the idea of getting married. See, my mate has the possessive image of keeping me as his mated. My lover obeys me. Men want women to praise them and not criticize. They are small boys with a heart. They act different when it comes to their lovers.


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