How to Deal with People You Would Rather Not Deal With

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I could say that due to my current problems, this topic is not best covered by me. I personally am going through quite a bit with life in general and am having a hard time getting through it. So, the topic I chose is “How to Deal with People You Would Rather Not Deal With.” Very funny, because I am having a very hard time with that. However, I think I know how to help.

Long story short, I am dealing with an ex-wife. Not mine of course, but when you get married to someone who has one, they sort of come with the package. Now, being an ex-wife myself, I understand a lot of issues that develop between two people after their having been together a while. However, when you split, there is obviously a reason for it. Either a) you have decided you aren’t happy and have moved on or b) he has decided he isn’t happy and moved on. Really, not much grey area. 

Which ever is your case, someone has moved on. And that’s just it. Why does this not sink in? Why do people find it necessary to cause trouble and turmoil in someone else’s life because of what used to be? GET OVER IT! THEY OBVIOUSLY DID

Getting to the point, I have learned there are ways to get around having to deal with someone you would rather not deal with. Unfortunately for me, there is a child involved, and moving out of state and becoming unlisted is not an option, though it does sound wonderful.

I have learned that the best response to any rude or obnoxious threat is none. Do not respond. This will only fuel the fire and trust me, there is enough hot air to help it burn a while. Simply walk away, hang up, or whatever the situation calls for. I’ve used all, even used the “close my front door” trick, and it worked, she left.

But things will only get worse, I promise. The threats, insults, and immature banter will continue until you are at your breaking point. At which time, you’ll be so wound up, you could bounce around like a Mexican jumping bean for an hour. Find a healthy outlet. Just don’t let them see it’s getting to you. 

At some point, they have got to get tired of driving you bananas! Right? 

Well, if it works for you, let me know! Because I am still trying to control my responses!!!! And I’m still looking for an outlet.


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