How to Lose Your Heart in Two Weeks

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Want to lose your heart in two weeks? It’s the easiest process in the world:

First, met a guy who you’ve never even known existed, yet he has been under your nose this whole time.

Meet and greet him.

Talk to him in a friendly manner, just like a regular person.

Spend time with him and get to know him.

You will find that he’s a nice guy who you laugh, play, and get along with. (For now. This is the catch-22)

Include him in your circle of closest friends.

One day, you will find yourself in a situation where you are alone with him.

The two of you will start to just talk as usual.

Now that you two are alone, you will find that the more you exchange words with him,
the more that estranged heart of yours starts beating madly.

Your mind starts going crazy around him.

Your body starts to shake and tense up around him.

As you continue to stare into those beautiful eyes of his,

And he stares back into yours,

You suddenly realize the agonizing truth, your greatest fear.

You start to fall in love with him. 

This is the beginning of your heart’s end.

Next, as you start to embrace your feelings of love for him, with the upmost delight.

You will make the worst mistake that will cause you hurt forever, and he’ll start to drift away from you.

But this mistake of yours is not your fault, nothing you have done to hurt him.

It’s just how he took it in, and you start seeing the true blue side of him.

The side he’s hid from you all this time; the side of a no-good womanizer.

He’ll share that “Love” of his with others besides you.

Behind your back, he stabs your heart daily.

You have this small inkling he’s being unfaithful, yet your heart is refusing to believe it, with each lie he tells you to keep you further and further from the truth.

And suddenly, your heart cannot take his oncoming pressure.

Every word he speaks now, every movement of his body, all it does is torment and crush your whole being.

Your heart finally collapses and deteriorates into a speck of dust.

This is the final stage of the process.

He takes your heart and leaves with it; never to give it back to you.

And now, you are alone. 

But even every disease has it own treatment …   


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