How to Write the Best Online Profile

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I’m going to give online dating another try. For many of us, relationships will be a big theme for our New Year’s Resolutions. If you’re single, are you planning to start dating again in 2009? I am! This will not be my first try at online dating as a single parent, but my profile is one year old and it clearly needs a tune-up.

First there’s your photo. And let’s face it—if you’re browsing online profiles (whether you’re a man or a woman) you look at the photos first. (If you don’t, I think you’re fibbing!)

After this, a catchy username might make you pause. But it’s the headline that has got to be compelling. Do you agree? I’ve already deleted my former headline: “Are you honest, with a big heart, and no addictions?” (That headline just screams pain and hurt, don’t you think?)

Here are my favorites so far:

Single mom who knows how to juggle.

A couple of online friends have come up with some more brilliant ones: 

What is your creative outlet?

Looking for the Calvin to my Hobbes.

What do you think? Clear and to the point?

Your turn: If you have an online profile, what’s your headline? I would love to hear it! If you are thinking about going back online, what will your headline be?


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