I Am Out

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We talked about this before.
I was lying. I want you all by myself.
I knew it would never happen.
The truth is always ugly, but I have to face it.

I went on those dating sites but I was not able to complete the questionnaires.
I just realized the real reason I was there.
I tried really hard not to bother you; I tried really hard to tell myself to stay out,
To stay out your life.

I tried really hard to take moment by moment.
I tried really hard not to think about you.
The only way I know how is to see someone else.

I just want to be happy and be loved again.
You make me very happy, but I cannot only be happy when you are with me.
I just want you, and it’s not happening.

I once heard,
If you want out,
stay out.

You told me in the very beginning,
“I don’t know what will happen, but I cannot give you anything.”
I remembered my response to you,
“I don’t want anything from you.”

I just want you to be happy.
I think my job is done here; it seems like you are happy again.
I cannot be your friend now, even though I would love to.

We have so many things in common,
It was amazing to know someone like you;
Only if I can know you before her.

Once I heard,
If you want out, stay out.

I love you,

So, I am out.


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