I Forgive You For ...

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I forgive you for telling me I was the son, my father never had.
Despite I was a girl.
I forgive you for not tasting,
and feeling
the colors around and in me.
The colors that I taste,
and feel.
For color is my core being.
I forgive you for being perplexed at the child you created.
The child who embraced all of life.

The child who embraced all of my faith in me.
The child who accepted and delighted in my understanding of
the sexuality,
and the beauty,
and the purity of women.
The woman I was.
The woman I am.
Delight in the gift of being a woman-child and then a woman.
I forgive you for letting your own experiences stand between you
and appreciating my artwork,
my creations,
the children of my soul.
Now I see that I am complete,
and whole,
as I was always meant to be.
As I always was,
and always will be.
I forgive you.


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