I Had Sex with My Best Friend's Ex-Boyfriend

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My best friend is in love with this guy, they've been talking on and off for almost a year now! I guess tonight, they.. weren't. It all started off with me and him going to play basketball. But then, we started betting on things. "If I make these next two shots, I get to see boobs." If he made three, he got to feel them. If he made two out of three, he got a blowjob. If he made four out of ten, we'd have sex. If he made two out of three, anal. And if he made two out of four, I'd be his sex slave, we'd have sex when and where ever he wants it.

Long story short, he got all of those. And, I gave my first blow job. And we had our first time.

I've had an insane crush on him since the beginning of Summer. But I wouldn't do anything about it, because my best friend kind of already called dibs on that. And tonight he's the one that did something about it, but this isn't how I wanted it to happen. I wanted us to be together, and then all of this, to happen. Because I can't even be happy now, knowing that if my best friend finds out, she's going to feel betrayed, and we'll never be friends again. All I feel is the guilt, I wish I could feel a little bit of happiness, a little bit of joy. This is what I wanted. He's all I ever wanted. And now I can't even be happy.

If she were to find out, how would I go about getting her forgiveness?
If he asked to have sex again, should I?


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