I Waited for Mr. Right

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Growing up, my mom would always refer to me as her late bloomer daughter. There was really no special reason why I got the tag but being the youngest among four children, I guess I had a “natural” tendency to let my elder siblings lead the way before I tried anything for myself. On the other hand, perhaps she’s right after all because I’m a forty-year-old gal who just got engaged!

Yes! I waited for Mr. Right. And before you roll up your eyes to react, let me say that I am no stranger to love. I’ve had my fair share of relationships, some ending after a couple of months, others lasting more than four years. I rode the rollercoaster of exhilaration, sadness, longing, excitement, confusion and depression maybe far more times than I wanted to count. Yet, after a period of standing on firm ground when the acceptance of a break-up has finally settled, I find myself looking forward again to the dizzy ride. Truth is, I never had a “mold” for which to fit every man I’ve had a relationship with and I absolutely had no conscious effort to look for Mr. Right. I guess for me at the time, Mr. Right was Mr. Right Now.

Now while the universal concept of what Mr. Right ought to be is still a point of argument amongst those who seek him, I have my own definition of who the man is …

He is the one who argued with me over a horror movie just because I didn’t want to watch it and he did so we can snuggle under the covers. He is the one who laughed with me after I vainly tried to hide in the bathroom when I became flatulent after a meal of refried beans. He is the one who held my hand and caressed my hair while I puked my guts out when I suffered from altitude sickness. He is the one who encouraged me to go after one of my biggest dreams in life—learning how to drive at age thirty-nine and the one who made me feel like I won the Nobel Prize when I finally got my driver’s license. He is the one who helps me get through the daily pressures of work and the craziness of keeping a long distance relationship strong.

He is the one who lets me be me, because whoever I am … I am his Ms. Right.


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