An Insecure Love Story

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Setbacks are an important component of life. They are lessons in life that give you strength and courage to face the difficulties. The hardships and problems that I experienced in life turned me to be a survivor.

I came from a poor family in one of the urban centers in Asia. At the age of nine I helped in earning a living for the family. We were sidewalk vendors in the busy street of the city. Sidewalk vendor is illegal for we don’t have license or permit to sell our merchandise. Most of the time we were driven by the police and confiscate our merchandise or there were even times that our stuff were being thrown in the garbage.

I strived hard in my study. I hate the system and I wanted a better life and a better future. I had finished my Journalism degree when I fell in love to Ronnie. It was a whirlwind romance that went so fast and we’re married. Our first three years of marriage was smooth sailing but as we get along I noticed some changes in his behavior and attitude towards me. He no longer treat me as a wife, but as a competitor. As if we’re having a race, a professional rivalry. Since I earned more and had a better job, he thought that I’m too dominant. He became so insecure. Instead of striving for his achievement, he went the wrong way. He proved his manhood through womanizing. He got an affair to several women and these lead to the collapse of our marriage

I was completely devastated. I did everything to keep him and maintain our family but my efforts were in vain. I remember him telling me, “I prefer to live in poverty as long as I’m the man in the family. I should married a simple woman with simple ambition in life. You are too high for me, I couldn’t reach you.”

I’m thinking if it’s my fault that I have more ability than him. It’s not a sin if I earn more than him, it’s because I’m more talented than him. And I didn’t have the intention to hurt his ego or to be a dominant person. Everything was only in his mind.

Since there is no divorce in our country, we separated our ways. Now he got another family with a simple woman, I hope he will be happy for his new found love. Me I have to start all over again and I know I could make it.



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