Is It a Good Idea to Date Beautiful Chinese Women?

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I have always been attracted to the exotic beauty of Asian, especially Chinese women. Their silky black hair, smooth skin and slim figure are the flashing images that constantly appeared in my dreams.

In the hope of finding myself a beautiful Chinese wife, I signed up with a couple of Chinese dating sites a few years ago, and I was amazed to see tons of seemingly gorgeous Chinese ladies. I have to admit I was a bit suspicious at first, because some of these ladies look so much younger than their age! Now that I have been around the Chinese community for four years, I think I do have some insights about Chinese women's beauty secrets and the things you should know when dating beautiful Chinese women online.

Chinese women's secrets to staying young and beautiful

Well, I guess the beauty of Chinese women has a lot to do with genetics and the climate conditions in the area where they grow up. Having been to most parts of China, I would say that the most beautiful Chinese women are in central and eastern China. Cities like Chongqing, Changsha and Chengdu are probably the best places in the world if you are looking for oriental beauties. Women in this region typically have white complexion, soft skin and great bodies. Suzhou and Hangzhou ladies are also famous throughout China for their beauty.

Besides genetic factors, Chinese women do take great care of their skin and body. First of all, a healthy diet helps them to stay slim and radiant. Most Chinese women have had healthy eating habits from when they were young, eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, and cutting back on processed food. Traditional Chinese food is inherently healthy and centers around rice. A typical Chinese dinner would have, besides the rice, a bowl of soup, 1 protein dish such as meat or fish, and 2 or 3 other mostly vegetable-based side dishes. Moreover, Chinese ladies in particular don't tend to smoke or drink alcohol much, both of which aren't good for skin.

Another reason that I can think of to explain why Chinese women don't tend to put on weight is related to their industrious character and lifestyle. I have quite a few Chinese female friends who all have great figures. I've noticed they all like to stay busy and active, always moving about, organizing, cleaning things, cooking, etc. They don't seem to ever be in idle mode. Just moving and burning calories seems to be their secret to keeping fit.

Chinese ladies also like to stay out of the sun as much as possible, and when it's really sunny they often use sun umbrellas. This, to some extent, helps to protect their skin and delay the aging process. Chinese ladies do tend to age gracefully, and they often look much younger than their Western counterparts. My 31-year-old Chinese girlfriend is still asked to show her ID card when she buys alcohol in America!

Be careful when dating beautiful Chinese women

There is no doubt that Chinese women are beautiful, and thanks to the rapid growth of online dating sites, it is now much easier for ordinary guys like me to date gorgeous Chinese ladies. However, as you may know, the Internet is a somewhat dangerous place, and there are certain risks and pitfalls associated with dating beautiful Chinese ladies online:

Photo studios are very popular in China, and a lot of Chinese ladies will use studio photos on their dating profiles. These photos are professionally taken with perfect makeup and lighting. Photoshop makes miracles, too. So there is a chance that the ladies will look very different in real life. Always be wary when you come across a very attractive lady, and don't fall in love after merely viewing a few photos! I would suggest that for every girl that you correspond with, you keep asking for current, outdoor, full-body pictures. This way you can see their normal skin colour, clothing tastes and hair, and find out if she is truly a beauty.

Through life I have learnt that beautiful people can get by in life on their looks alone. As a result, they don't always have a likeable personality or the qualities that a man may expect from a good wife. I guess this applies to women in the whole world, not just Chinese women. But in particular, the younger Chinese ladies that don't have siblings (a consequence of the one child policy) tend to be spoiled princesses. You have to be prepared to put up with a lot of princess behaviors if you want to date a young beautiful Chinese girl.

Everyone appreciates a beautiful face, but the sad truth is that looks fade over time. Even the most beautiful woman in the world will grow old someday. If you're looking for someone to share your life with, then looks are only a small part of what you should be looking for. And finally, if the best quality of a lady is her looks, you're going to be disappointed sometime along the way.


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