It’s Complicated

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I’ve been with him for three years and then some, and it has been the most challenging relationship I have ever been in. He keeps me on my toes and always smiling, he makes me as comfortable as he can, and he treats me with respect. The sex may not be as often as I want it to be, but after and during the session I still kiss him and repeatedly tell him how much I love him. Of all the relationships I have been in, this one has been the best; he got an A. BUT!!! There’s one problem. My man is taken, my man has another woman. He not only has another woman, but he lives with her and they share two kids, one of whom was born when he and I were together.

I know it’s possible to love two people at a time, but is that gonna be is intention for life? Isn’t he gonna go further? And if he does, who will be his number-one choice? I keep askin’ why do I subdue myself for less? But the fact of the matter is, I’m in love. I am and I refuse to be without him. I put up with so much dos and don’ts, but the declared love we have for each other keeps us together. I know what society would think about my relationship: that I have no future with this man, but that hopes and lies keep me afloat. I guess the history he has with her would make him stay, I’m just the one on the side, right? But if I am, why does he treat me so good? I need somebody’s input on this please.


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