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James steals my breath and captures my heart. With every look, with every touch, I am lost in the wonderful magic of it all. I didn’t think I would ever find this. After what I have been through, I was convinced that it just wasn’t going to happen for me. But one night … when neither one of us would usually be out … there he was. I waved and he waved back. The rest has been unbelievably incredible!

How do you know someone for such a short time and yet feel like you have known them your entire life? How can someone so easily take you out of your comfort zone and you end up loving it? How do you end up becoming the person you have always wanted to be when you are with someone special? How? It’s love. Love truly is a wondrous thing.

James … he makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he thinks I’m beautiful … (no, wait … he KNOWS I’m beautiful), he is almost too good to be true. I keep feeling like its all a dream and I will wake up one day and be really upset! I always get the guy who is controlling, manipulating and insecure. How did I get James then? He isn’t any of those things. At times I find myself wondering how to handle having a relationship that is completely different from anything I’ve ever experienced. But I do … I go with it. I enjoy every single second.

The poetry, the roses, the songs, the laughter, the new experiences, that incredible look in his eyes … what did I do to deserve such things? I wish someone would tell me. I must have done something extraordinary and wasn’t aware of it. Nothing this good has ever happened to me before. So this is what being happy is! I have always wondered but never had it. I really love it! It’s amazing what having a person in your life who really and truly cares for you can do for you.


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