Just Living a Lie (Part 1)

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Another cold desert night in November on a random highway hidden from many. Brenda was riding shotgun with a greasy-haired stranger. They met a few hours or five or seven beers back. She looked at him with adoration and a yearning to know more about him. But she dared not speak a word. His silence was enough to keep her content.

The wind rushed through Brenda’s hair and some maverick hairs towards the sides. She looked again towards her stranger and saw that his slick, black hair stayed in place. She wanted to say something towards him but she did not know what to say to him. She thought in her mind questions to ask, seeing which one will be the best to break the ice. Nothing came to her mind.

She then started to remember when these two people had met at the Bar. He walked up to her and they made small talk. Beers came and went quickly. He was able to get her name and said, “Brenda, pretty girl, with black hair. Let me take a guess: you question your life thinking what you should do with it, or where to go with it.” She looked at him with amazement and shock. But she somehow knew that he understood her and she said to him, “Do you know what that may be, what I yearn for?” He smiled and took out a cigarette and his Zippo lighter. Brenda caught a glance of the Zippo lighter and saw that it had a name that she was not able to read. He quickly slapped the top part of the lighter and opened it, then his hand came down and with a snap of his fingers, the flame came to life.

Lighting the cigarette already in his mouth, he said, “Go for a ride.” He got up and and left $50 on the table. Brenda, not knowing whether or not to follow him, stayed sitting in her chair pondering over it. She was indecisive in choosing what to do. She turned to see him walk out the door. She turned back to look at the table and heard the car’s engine turn on. She slowly stood up and walked towards the door cautiously. She pushed it open slowly and jumped into the car with the stranger. And so they took off into the night, a full pale moon guiding Brenda towards a new life. She noticed that her legs trembled as the stranger’s car rumbled through the darkness of the lonely desert.


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