Lessons from Entourage

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Since the all guys are so crazy about “Entourage,” I finally gave in to my urge and bought the first season on DVD just to find out what is it that makes it so addictive to guys. I don’t know if I have found that out yet (I actually thought it was quite drab compared to our girly sitcoms—a bunch of guys living the same life, on a different day … hardly any drama!), but I certainly learned a few things from it. Whether or not these apply to the boys who are very much a part of our real life, I don’t know. Read on to find out more:

1. Men don’t like to talk. Don’t go to them with your feelings and emotions thinking that they will offer you a deep, insightful philosophy in return. Husbands and long term boyfriends are exceptions; “normal” guys hardly see a point in introspecting, let alone observing and thinking about a girl’s actions—or expressions. They believe in being happy (and active) every moment, and if you’re not, they will not sit with you and mourn about it. So what do I have to offer to girls who feels too self righteous to give up their need of wanting a concerned listener in a man? Look for a man, not a boy. Unless you are looking at husband material, or a biologically mature person, keep the gritty emotional details to yourself. Or go for the deep sensitive types. As far as the “normal” boys … fill them in with the important stuff you need to share with them, but don’t make it an issue when they don’t react to your impassive sighs or ask you what’s wrong.

2. This brings me to my second point. It seems like they only care about the now. For them the luxury of a car will mean much, much more than the advantages of saving a few earnings which might result a few years down the lane. You know those times when you look at your fellow girlfriends and think in amazement, are boys just dumb? Well you won’t need to anymore if you understand that their existence is only bound to this particular moment, not five minutes from now, which is why they tell you to stop dieting, not think about kids, and also tend to forget previous fights or arguments much quicker than us. I guess if you are trying to make a date work, focus more on the “now” instead of going into long conversations about things that have to do with either your past or his. Take everything current into importance. This could also mean that the stories which start with, “you know once …” will bore him on a first date unless there is an amazing climax or laugh out loud humor involved. And don’t worry about what to say … they won’t notice as long as they have someone to hear. (Remember we are talking about “guys.”)

3. They won’t ask you if your issue got resolved but that doesn’t mean they don’t care. They simply forget. And no, in their nature, forgetting does not equal not caring. They do care, but next time you want to update your guy, just do so instead of waiting for him to ask you. He’ll let you know he appreciates you caring enough to tell him about it.

4. Just had a break-up and wondering how to get some of his attention?! WRITE THIS DOWN: a guy will only look twice if he sees that you are not missing him. This has to do with your body language, your smile, your interactions with people while you are socializing, everything about you. It is not only a huge ego blow for him to realize that it took no time for you to replace him, but also brings a happy you to his mind which in turn makes him miss you and rethink the situation. Next time you bump into him, smile and acknowledge him. Then act as if you own the place and laugh and dance around. Preferably, find a guy to feign interest in. Do not look at him to find out whether or not he is looking. If you don’t bump into him anywhere, send word around that you have moved on-just be discreet or this can turn into a disaster.

5. They are ONLY into girls for the uknowwhat. NOT entertainment, not solace, not even friendship. So if a guy is talking to you it’s not because he finds you interesting, but because he is weighing the pros and cons of sleeping with you. Next time you think of a guy friend who you have a platonic relationship with for advice or support, remember he is a BOY and he will only give you advice which sounds right to his boyish brain, and it might not necessarily work for you. Unless of course the guy is one of your oldest friends and you both have managed to keep the friendship alive all these years.

6. Also, because they feel good about themselves if they get a nod from a girl, or see that her interest is totally into the conversation they are having with her. He knows his friends notice and that makes him awed. He has absolutely no interest in the feminine breed, or what you like/or dislike. So don’t spend too much time wondering how to behave and what to say around him.

7. You treat them like dirt, they treat you with respect. This does not mean that you go around barking at your guy, or make him beg you for attention. This simply means that if the guy dares to act like an asshole that is, showing up late or being mean to you in front of his friends, JUST retaliate in a much more fiery manner. Put him in his place there and then, and you will have him in control for good.

8. Also, the boys have an entourage made up of their brothers. So unless it has been too long to your relationship, DON’T tell your guy that you hate his male friends. If you’re into him make an effort with them. Another pointer: if he listens to you crib about them patiently, it is a pretty good sign that he is only into you for the “cookie.” So run from a guy who doesn’t defend his boys till the relationship starts getting serious.

Disclaimer: I founded my opinions only and only about the boys shown in the show. I have no idea how much this applies to men in general!


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