A Life Lesson

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Sometimes when death, sickness, poverty, destruction, etc. happen to you in your life you don’t understand why this is happening. I always felt that I had lived a pretty decent life and tried to follow the Golden Rules. Then death hit me square in the face and took one of my most prized possession. My only daughter. I thought that God had forsaken me. I had prayed and I prayed  that God would spare her life. I was so angry with God when he didn’t give me what I wanted. My girlfriend told me that God only gives you two things in life: Lessons and Blessings.

I have come to realize that my blessing was seeing my daughter’s experience with the Holy Spirit in church one Sunday before she passed away. It was amazing!!! She told me she felt the fire of the Holy Spirit from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. I was actually kind of jealous, because I had not had this type of spiritual experience yet. I am looking forward to it. From that day forward she never complained about her illness, she seemed to take great pride in telling her friends or anyone who would listen to her testimony. They as well as myself listened in amazement to her testimony. There always seem to be a glow around her. I was so happy that God let me see her give her life back over to him. She would laugh and tell me that she didn’t need a man to make her feel complete because Jesus was her man. My daughter made her amends and departed this life October 13, 2004 on her way to heaven. I miss her, but I will see her again.

God always leaves you a remnant when something or someone is taken from you. Her son was left to me to nurture and try to give him the life skills that he needs in life to be successful. Some days he’s a joy , other days he’s a handful. I can’t say how I would feel if I lost my Mom at the age of fifteen, but we are keeping him in prayer and I know God will work it out for us.


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