Likin’ On You

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What do the gurus always say? “When the stars align, you will meet your soul’s match”? I never believed or understood the aligning of stars or moons, but I do believe in some kind of molecular magic…the kind that has brought you into my life.

Now, I am not saying it’s true love … or even love … but, babe, it’s something … and you’ve got that going for you, and hell, for me, too. You got me likin’ on you.

The way you sing softly as you’re driving, the way you talk about your day’s work as if I’d love to hear it (and I do,) the way you walk your puppy on the beach, fish for hours with your dad, and read side by side with your mom….you got me likin’ on you. The security of your 6’5” frame, shadowing me below you, the way you talk about your best buds as if they were your family, and the faith you have in a God, who, you admit, isn’t always understandable … you got me likin’ on you.

And, right now, I am not asking for more than just this comfort of “like,” and even if the stars and moons are all out of sync, I’m sticking with this comfort. And if you’re down with it, I’m stickin’ with you.

You got me likin’ on you.


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