From Long Distance to Very Close

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This story contains mature or graphic content.

Let’s start this off by saying I’m not quite in my twenties and I realize I may be a little younger but please do not mistake me for someone scavenging for advice from those wise in years and experience, no no no. I’m stubborn, arrogant and that’s the way I like it … I’m nineteen and I enjoy thinking I have all the answers in the world! I’m simply here to share my story. 

A little information on me so you understand more about my situation: My family moved when I was a freshman in high school and I left all my friends along with my boyfriend, when I left we had not had sex and weren’t really planning on it for sometime. In my junior year when I could go and visit by myself I started going down there almost every other weekend we finally (I say finally because I was ready far before he, and of course he was the deciding vote) decided we were ready for sex. So I came down one weekend with friends and while they were shopping we were in the hotel …

The first time wasn’t bad … a little quicker than I would have liked but not bad. Then the next night was alright but still we were never completely free, always worried about time constraints or someone calling, the normal paranoid teenager thing …

I’m now a graduate and my senior year I decided enough of the tip-toe-ing I want to be fucked!

So this past weekend I surprised him. We hung out yada yada and then we went on a drive …  I am a very high maintenance girl when it comes to being comfortable and fucking in the back seat of my four day old car was not really what I had in mind but hey, as they say in high school, “shit happens when you party naked.” I was exhausted and let him drive we hung out with friends and by the time we were really alone it was about two o’clock a.m.! We found a parking lot and he instructed me to get in the back (I obeyed :) He followed shortly after and let me make this clear by saying at this point … I was ready to pounce on him. I knew what was going to happen and just thinking about it was starting to get me wet. We kissed lightly and my hand had a mind of its own and started to go from his knee to some where a little more welcome. I rubbed his cock getting him harder I guess he had the same thing going that I did. So off came the shorts, mine first and then his, and then I remembered why I loved visiting so much. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced back seat sex but its not the most comfortable series of positions.

I somehow managed to get comfortable and using my hand started to go up and down his hard dick knowing he wanted more and so did I, so I brought it to my mouth and ever so lightly stared to lick the very tip he wasn’t very happy that I was teasing him “not fair!” he’d laugh and say while I was doing this his fingers found their way to my wet pussy and started to rub and explore. It was hard to concentrate so my focus had wandered I could tell he felt … neglected. So I obliged I went to work until I was rudely interrupted. He lifted me up—I may be 5″7′ and 120 pounds, but he’s 6″4′ and quite a bit bigger than me— and put me on his lap facing him, he could feel how wet he’d gotten me as the tip of his hard dick was right below my pussy barely touching. He started to fuck me harder and harder I can’t tell you how thankful I was that no one was around because I am quite loud when given the opportunity. He lifted and thrust his pelvis while pushing down on my shoulders and shoved his cock deeper and deeper into my wet pussy making me scream and moan and shake I screamed I was ready to cum and he went harder kissing my neck and sucking my nipples. I didn’t know what had gotten into him but hell I wasn’t complaining!

After a good bit of that he turned me around and had me grab on to the back of the head rests, bent me over and fucked me from behind, pulling my hips closer to him, kissing my neck more and rubbing my clit with his free hand. I was in HEAVAN, aside from moans “HARDER” was the only word I could get out he listened and complied. I was so close the shaking got more intense as did he; he knew I was close and with that came more intensity from him. His fingers are magic, I would swear to it. He does things that could make me cum with in probably no more than two seconds. As was the case, he slowed down put his lips right to my ear and whispered “cum on my dick baby” and with that one more hard push and I was goneee.

The head rush is obviously the best part, just that feeling of … oh well ya’ll know … he didn’t stop at this though he knew he’d “won.” I got off and made my way to his cock throbbing, hard, wet, long, thick cock and started sucking, much better than before now that I was more … awake! He loved it, pushing my head to get deeper and moving it faster and slower, I went down a little lower licking from bottom to tip and then sucking on his balls he sort of fell on his side and lifted up my leg, teasing me with his tongue until he started to lick my clit and finger fuck me, at different speeds, I kept working on his dick, and as I got faster he got louder I could tell he was getting close and then … exhale … for both of us which I thought was funny, all he wanted to do was kiss and sleep so he drove and all I wanted to do was go again!

Not that I’m complaining …


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