love on the dusk's sunset

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love on the dusk's sunset

It is almost dusk. The sun, its beauty, in crimson red, slowly fades.

I am all alone in this Southern beach or so I thought, frolicking by the shore, wading through the serene, warm waters.

I glanced at a figure from a distance, a lady for sure. Sunbathing? Possibly.

Her body glistens against the soft rays of the setting sun. Unmindful of my presence, she seems enjoying, basking under the warm, summer sun.

The soft wind put a spell on her. She slumbers no doubt.

I walked my way towards her in my bare feet, with equal paces. The soft, white powdery sand teases my foot soles no end. The tickling gives some nice feeling.

There, a meter away from her I slumped, enjoying this lovely sight. She's wearing a pink bikini, a sort of a thong, upped with a sheer yellow top tank, her breasts pressed against her pink bikini top.

She is indeed asleep. Her pout lips, shimmering, kissed by the soft breeze. "She is such a lovely creature to behold," I murmured.

The sea is so calm with the summer breeze breathing in. It is now getting dark. Little stars from heavens afar start to pop up, like fireflies with their little winks. Then a burst followed, myriad of them, each in its splendid flicker. The moonlit added up to the perfect, breezy setting, cozy, so inviting.

A conspiracy seems apt. The stars, the moon, the sweet smell of flowers abound, all in cahoots, toying with us, these two mortals.

“Ahhh…, what summer brings,” a pair of birds by the coconut tree seems to sing.

I'm at a loss, gawked at this seeming uncertainty. It seems so real.

Is this the lady in my dream, the muse I've been waiting for? Here's a young, beautiful lady, wanting to be desired. Ohh, what a luck.

I moved closer to her. There's this enigma in her beauty. She's oblivious of my presence."

I touch her soft hair. She has no inkling, unaware of my intrusion, albeit my sheer temerity. Watching her, there she lays, vulnerable like an innocent nubile.

Eyes closed, she is having an REM. "Hmmn, dreaming damsel," I smiled.

Is she heaven-sent? Whye she – in her lonesome? Thoughts are now playing in my mind. What if she has somebodoy with her?

I freaked out! "I'd be dead for sure," my wild musings on hers.

My heartbeat starts to pound no end. Butterflies in my stomach start to pound too. "Who cares," i said to myself. I could not underdand, it's like surreal. I pinched my skin if I am dreaming. I am not.

I did not have an idea what led me to touch her. It was so natural. I was so scared though. Goosebumps took a terrible beating out of me!

I comb her hair again with my fingers, so slow, to keep her still. Ahh she liked the touch. "Hmmm." she murmered in her sleep. Her lips are pouting a little, a sign that she likes the feeling, but still in deep sleep.

Without much thought, I kissed her forehead. No movement. She did not flinch. Ahh such creature of a lovely night.

A kiss on her cheek, a pucker on her lips. No reaction yet. Again, I touched her lips with my forefinger. She just twisted her glorious lips in the height of a dream. Maybe?

My wet lips start to touch again her dry lips. And lingered on. She opened her eyes and smiled at me!.

I backed out a bit. I was anticipating cusses and curses from her. But she restrained me from getting up. "Hush," she pleads, "it's ok." She pulled me toward her.

And I'm pinning her.

Huh? She just smiled and motions me to go on with what I was doing.

That's it. I found myself planting soft kisses on her neck, eyes, nose, then the pout lips. She kissed back with equal zest, feeling each other's warm breath.

Ohh, what a kiss of the night.Is this real?“Wake up!” my mind seems to shout.

Slowly I pulled my head going down, running my tongue, kissing every bit of her sun-kissed skin, down to curves, on her lovely breasts.

I sucked her nipple in soft paces through her tank, biting her a bit.
She moaned in soft voice. "I like that,” she assures me.

My hands cup her breasts against the cotton. Then I went up and kissed her lips again, now in wild abandon. Lip-locked, then sucking her sweet tongue.

"Aaahh," her muffled moan.

She fights back with aggressive kisses as we exchange body liquids to the hilt. There seems no end to this sweet lock.

Slowly I lifted her tank, now lightly drenched in our sweats. I nibbled on her skin, from her lips to her ear lobes, whispering sweet nothings. Then down to her shoulder. My kisses find their way to her lovely mounds, caressing her with my rough hands. I pulled the string that covers her, exposing her lovely breasts, soft, just enough with my hands to cup.

She closes her eyes, knowing what would come next. I planted more kisses. My hands cup each breast gently as if they are fragile jewels. Then a kiss to her nipples followed, then another, then another.

Slowly, sucking her mounds, each in my hands, I flicked my tongue to her rising nips. A soft moan followed, with her hands caressing my hair, pressing me against her breasts, begging for more.

"How does it feel?" I queried.She just smiled, touching my cheek with her right hand.

"Please go on," she pleads, "don't stop…" hungering for more. I was like a baby, suckling to a mother's breasts, full of love and care.

She pushes my head down, can't wait to feel some more. I obliged.

I inched down south as the yellow moon lit the darkness, only with our glistening bodies as witnesses to this tryst and seeming conspiracy of the universe.

I nibbled my way down to her belly, licking around her navel, blowing some soft air. She quivers as she pushes my head down farther.

Her pink bikini is now loose, thanks to my teeth, pulling them away. Little kisses make way down and found their target, a soft mound, covered in soft tiny black, those hair that of a budding lady, that of a cat's. Bare naked in pure beauty, she's candy to my eyes, so sweet to partake.

A whiff of her sweet smell is more than enough to make me want her, giving me a real hard on.

"Ooohhh, so nice," she begs in her soft moan.

My tongue finds its way to her wetness, the taste – a bit pungent, salty but sweet.

"Ohh, so nice, please don't stop," she eggs for more as I lick the lips of her vagina. My bites, sucks, kisses to her wet pussy have made her even more so wet.

I moved away from her wetness, my tongue now exploring the salty taste of her being. I start to run my wet lips to her side buns, then to her feet. Each kiss gives her those wild goose bumps no end. She tilts her head, not knowing what hit her soul and sets her body to sheer ecstasy, about to explode.

Then, I moved up again, exploring her with my lips, tongue and fingers. She just loves every bit of it. My tongue runs through her slit, now really dripping wet, playing with her clit, toying with her vaginal lips.

"Shiiit" She cries out in agony, "can't take it any longer. Please, I want to feel you inside."

And more cries, "ohhh, oooh my, so nice. I love it."

"Pleeaase… I want you inside…." she moaned.

She grasped my hardness, pulling down my shorts half down my knees. She put me in an awkward position. Her eagerness was short of clumsiness.

“Wait,” I whispered.

As I rose to get rid of my shorts, my thing dangles in its proudest moment. She’s now on her knees with a tease on her eyes. That devilish wink. The moon watches us in its subdued light, some clouds lingering about.

She grasps me. She gasps with awe as she plays with my thing hovering her lovely face. I never thought she could do such thing to me. I was a bit embarrassed with her bold move. I let her be. She took me in her hand, pressed in her soft palm, with rounding and twisting moves. Then she reaches it with her lips and took a taste. She closed her eyes as she engulfs my entire being.

A jolting current swiftly runs through my veins. He warm lips, the wetness of her tongue give unusual shivers down my spine.

Sheer bliss…

She sucks with precision. Wow, this girl knows what she is doing. She lingers on it for what it seems an eternity as she makes me slide in her mouth, so hungry as she were, earlier. And I thought she was ready for my taking.

She took me instead, giving me an equal joy.

“Ahhh,” she is consuming me in wild abandon!

I braced for the final salvo but held on. I beg her to stop. I faced her kneeling down, our lips electrified by the sweetness of our sweats. That distinct taste from our privates adds to our whetting appetite. Imagine the conniving of chemicals, all flirting with all juices, firing up our senses and libido. So wild, so animal in our naked embrace!

I led her to lie down and felt the oozing wetness from her. Now she’s more than ready to take me as I slide the hardness of my penis. Slowly I pushed myself inside her.

“Ohhh,” is her only agonizing word, biting her lips in undulating ecstacy.

“Does it hurt?” I asked. She uttered only with a smile.

Instead, she pushes her butt to take me in full, kissing me.

“Push harder” she implored. Two, four, ten pushes, and more. In our tight embrace and humping, her feet tugged me even deeper into her.

“Yes, please don’t stop. Yes. Ohhh…”

Sweats drenched our clenched bodies, happiness so tantric in its form. I pushed harder.

“You are so sweet my dear.” She took me in, all whole into oblivion.

Then darkness engulfed us. The moon dims the nest of two mortals in their peak of eros. The sea starts to move in vengeance, throwing in some ripples ashore followed by incessant splashing sounds of waves, gleefully enjoying the shouts and cries of love.

“Ohhh. Yes… Ahhhh…” Then they fade. A lull, then silence.

Then a soft voice, “I love you.”

Stillness consumed the night.


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