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Love Is Wonderful

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I just finished reading an article about a female looking for that one love who will sweep her off her feet, marry her, and live with her happily ever after. I will always believe if you want to get married, do not live with your partner. Living together usually means one or both of you are not ready commit. But if you both are happy with that situation, then just live together and don’t get married. Living together is not a way to find out if you are compatible.

Marriage means working together after you have discovered that, and you both are willing to work through all problems because you know you are with the only person in the world you want to be with.

If two people have been married before, or have other reasons for both not wanting marriage it seems they have a much better chance at cohabitating.

I do believe compatibility, respect, and caring for the other person as much as yourself makes for a wonderful relationship. Add some romance, good loving, and trust and you have the perfect partner. If you are sincere and honest, it is easier to trust, because you are looking for that and expecting that in the other person. Without trust you cannot build a relationship. Unless you make yourself available for love, you cannot accept love.
With so many different areas needed to mesh together love is a wonderful journey to take together. Love songs take on a different meaning. Your heart sings with the lyrics of each sentimental love song that touches your emotions. Love is a good thing.

Ever wondered why it was so elusive? Or why when in a relationship you cannot feel “in love”? Could it be you cannot believe the other person can love you, or is it that you have been with someone that has been anything but honest. Unless you are a teenager experiencing your first love, we all have a part of us that experience has taught us to protect.

But to love means you have to be a bit vulnerable. If you are both giving away your hearts to each other, it should be done with care, cautious and a bit of abandonment. You cannot give love while you holding on to your heart. You don’t want to need love so much that you will give away your heart because someone seems to want to give you love.
Love takes time. The more it is nourished, the stronger it grows and the better it feels.
You have to agree to disagree on irrelevant details and know the other persons feels the same way you do about issues that are important to you. You most appreciate even the little things and not take each other for granted. Sensitivity for the other shows how much you care. Respect means you will never belittle and humor last forever. 

If you can both laugh and not take life too seriously, your love will always have a bright light shining. Never give up on love!


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