Loving the Wrong Guy

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I have read good articles about “Moving On” as I am currently trying to move on from a five-year relationship with my ex. I fell for the wrong guy. He was already married when I met him so it was a heck of a complicated situation. I got myself into this, so I think I have no reason to complain or whatsoever. As I knew the consequence when I first entered it, but as the time passed by and you get close and fall deeper. You long for something more, like being with him on those special occasions in your life but he can’t. There are times he will show up, knowing he only sneaks out to be with you and every moment you spent together was a stolen one. It cuts like knife into your heart.

I was a very understanding girlfriend, never asked for any kind of demands and a truly faithful girl to him. But I got tired of playing the very understanding girl because I know whatever I do and how patient and understanding I am, he simply can’t be mine alone. That’s the time you long for commitment and its huge strike to your heart knowing he can never be yours alone. So why prolong the agony? It hurts like hell, yes it does! But I know this is the right thing to do. So I decided to cut everything between us and move on.

It’s nice to read articles that I can relate to. Some nice quotes sink into me and I use them now as my guide and inspiration. I know time will come, pain will subside, then it will eventually go away. I still want to believe that someone out there is destined for me, someone I can give my love and devotion to, someone who deserves and worth my love. Loyalty and compassion. I know I was once a good girlfriend, companion, woman, mistress, and a best friend with my EX. And I’m sure in my heart I will be better and it will be worth it as a wife.


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