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Manifest Your Soul Mate in Five Powerful Steps

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If you have tried everything our high-tech world has to offer in the dating arena and it hasn't worked, don't give up. Your soul mate is looking for you right now. This article will reveal the five secrets to manifesting your soul mate. The first major step is to open your heart and soul to applying these spiritual principles and decide that you are lovable and worthy of love right now.

Step One for Attracting a Soul Mate
Step one on the path of true love is to use affirmations. You may be saying, "I already know this. What's the secret here?" The secret is to remember why and how affirmations work. When you have a thought and/or when you speak, your words and thoughts go out into the universe and collect like energy. They keep attracting energy and then come back to you with that energy multiplied. The result? The conditions in your life and your experiences. Not only that, but your words have a vibration. Negative words and phrases carry a lower vibration, and positive words and phrases carry a higher vibration. So you can see that affirmations are much more than positive thinking; they are powerful attractors of what you wantand don't wantin your life.

Examples of affirmations for attracting a soul mate include: Love is my divine birthright, and I claim it now; I give and receive love fully; and I release the past and let love flow into my life.

Add your own affirmations to this list and say them out loud like you mean them. Keep in mind that the words love and God are some of the most powerful words you can use to attract love, joy, and peace into your life.

Step Two for Attracting a Soul Mate
The next powerful step in attracting your soul mate is to raise your vibration. The key to finding true love is to keep that vibration high. We operate on a frequency, and when our vibration raises, we are more attuned to the spiritual realm. We can more clearly hear, see, and feel angels and celestial beings who will whisper instructions in your ear or your heart to unite you with a soul mate. Please listen to these instructions as they will come more frequently as you live a more spiritual life. When you live from this quickened state, you are a magnet for love because you radiate peace, love and joy.

Tips for raising your vibration include:

  • spending time in nature
  • meditating and praying daily
  • avoiding red meat and including more vegetarian meals in your diet (if you eat meat, bless it and and try organic)
  • increase alkaline foods (eat 80% alkaline and 20% acidic); alkaline foods include vegetables, whole grains, fruits, green drinks, etc.
  • play music; angels love the sound of sweet music
  • adorn your home and office with plants and flowers
  • be in service to others
  • live in gratitude
  • dance and play with abandon
  • eliminate negative speech

Step Three for Attracting Your Soul Mate
The third step is to use Positive Prayer daily. You can master this powerful spiritual practice and manifest not only the love of your life but the life that you love! This type of prayer always works; it's guaranteed. If you want to learn how to do this type of prayer, see, "The Power of Prayer," starting on page 51 of How to Attract Your Soul Mate: the Secrets of Lasting Love by Barbara Gulbranson.

Be careful not to outline when using Positive Prayer. That means we don't tell God how, we just set the intention and start the law of attraction working. Spirit will work out the details for us. When I met my husband, Jeff, 20 years ago, I did my Positive Prayer and had no idea where I would meet my soul mate. Jeff was drawn to move into the apartment next door to me that was being used as a storage unit. He told the apartment manager to "clean it out; I'm moving in" because he was drawn to it for an unknown reason.

Your soul mate could be on the other end of the Earth, and you don't have to worry about how to meet him or her. Just do your Positive Prayer and Spirit will guide you along the way.

Step Four for Attracting Your Soul Mate
The secret's out. Mental visualization is a powerful attractor of what you want to manifest in your life. See yourself happy and with your soul mate (but please no particular person in mind). Visualize a joyous relationship. Power your prayers with the vision in your mind's eye. Soon it will move from your mind's eye to being visible before you.

Step Five for Attracting Your Soul Mate
Forgiveness is the fifth step for attracting true love. As we hold onto grudges or resentments, we simply cannot move on to a healthy, conscious relationship. One of the main blocks in finding true love is failure to forgive. I've seen people hold onto grudges for over 50 years and they are not any happier for it.

Why is forgiveness a key to finding your soul mate? Because forgiveness creates a shift in energy: It sets you free. What happened, happened, and you can't change it. But you can change the energy around it. Your ability for happiness decreases as your inability to forgive increases because you have not let go and resolved past issues. Hanging onto the past will block the future. This doesn't mean that you have to love the person who hurt you, but it does mean that you accept the gift and healing from the situation and deepen your connection with God. Dr. Ernest Holmes tells us, "the Universe holds nothing against us; we can't hold anything against anyone else."

Discover the Love That Awaits You
Finding your soul mate is all about giving and receiving love. These five easy, but powerful, steps lift your vibration to greater heights and open the door for love and light to stream into your heart space. Your heart is expanding right now. By your intention alone, you are attracting love into your life—love that is already within you waiting to be revealed in greater ways.

Use these steps and discover for yourself love beyond what you ever imagined. The Divine Lover beckons you to forgive, release, love and live in the higher vibratory states. In doing so, you will find love in your personal relationships and from celestial beings greater than you ever imagined.


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