Marriage Builder

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Marriage is the bond between two people who choose to live the rest of their lives together as one. This is the most important choice that any two individuals can make in life. There’s a lot to take in consideration when you choosing to share your life with another person. There are times when a man or woman will love someone so much that they will take the plunge into marriage but never really think about what it takes to be a wife or husband.

What attributes are required in order to be a good spouse toward someone? As a married man I tend to think that all you would need is a strong financial foundation and a good moral head on your shoulders; but I have to say that I found out the hard way that it takes more than that. What I found out was that I have to be the foundation of the marriage. That means that I have to be the base of the relationship; whenever there’s and misunderstanding I have to be the one to give understanding, whenever there’s discomfort I have to be the one to give comfort, if my wife is having a emotional day and is feeling like the love is gone I have to be the one to love her and let her know that I’m still here. These are responsibilities of a Husband in a marriage that will enable him to be a marriage builder.

Husbands must have a lot of patience and the ability to understand women. Husbands have to always be the logical thinker in the marriage because women are often driven off pure emotions; if you’re the man in the relationship and you don’t have enough patience you will never be able to deal with the different emotional periods that woman go through. When a women is going to an emotional period in her life (most of the time this takes place after the first child) you have to have enough patience to be able to allow her to have her moment and still be level headed enough to deal with the issue logically. Understanding is another key attribute you need in your marriage that goes hand and hand with patience. If you don’t have enough understanding in your marriage you will always have a communication gap in your marriage.

Having communication gaps in your marriage are bad things to have in any marriage because it can cause separation between you and your spouse. This type of separation can be very dangerous when it begins to manifest in your marriage for many different reasons. Communication gaps will cause marriage partners to feel as if talking or express feelings and emotions is an option thus causing emotional detachment in the marriage. 

What you must do to prevent this kind of separation or emotional detachment in your marriage. One thing would be to always be listening; you will be surprise how just listening to your spouse will change things. Another thing would be to keep the romance; women are emotional and if you could be romantic and spontaneous you will be on the right track of being a successful marriage builder.


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